Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – Cantonese Resources 2020東京奧運 - 奧運粵語教材

Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Cantonese Resources 2020東京奧運 - 奧運粵語教材

Anyone following the Olympics with bated breathe? Australia being a sporting nation, we are all in the grips of the Olympic fever, and we are practically glued to the TV. In addition, so proud of Hong Kong for winning three medals to date – the first Olympic gold in 25 years, the first medals for swimming and fencing!

So, to share my excitement, I whipped up a few vocabulary lists for those who are interested in Olympics in Cantonese, as well as lists some of the resources I found on the Olympics. Due to time sensitivity of this topic, as well as time constraints (we’re busy watching the Olympics!), this post is a work in progress, (as well as less extensively researched than some of my posts which takes weeks), so please check back regularly, and let me know if there are any amendments. (Please excuse me if I have overlooked anything).


1. Olympics Cantonese Vocabulary lists with Jyutping FREE PRINTABLES

These vocabulary lists are based on Hong Kong Chinese, which could differ from Taiwan, even if both use Traditional Chinese characters.

These Cantonese vocabulary lists have Jyutping and English translations, and are available for FREE download:

Olympics 2020 Sporting Events 比賽項目 -Cantonese Vocabulary

Olympics 2020 – Fencing Events 劍擊比賽項目 Cantonese vocabulary

Olympics 2020 Swimming 游泳比賽項目  – Cantonese vocabulary

Olympics 2020 – Athletics Events 田徑比賽項目-Cantonese vocabulary

(more to come)


2. Following Hong Kong in the 2020 Olympics

If anyone knows of any good websites, please let me know. I have been following the Olympics in the Australian news, but here are some that I have found.

Google Hong Kong Overview

I actually get my schedule from Google (Australia) , and if you are looking for it in Hong Kong Chinese, then the Google HK gives a good overview and regular updates. (Please note the terms used in Chinese for various sports differ between Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and China and other Chinese speaking regions.)

You can see the overview 總覽, medals  獎牌, schedule 賽程 and results 結果 . You can filter by Days第幾天, teams 球隊, sporting events 運動項目, phases  賽程including medal events 獎牌賽事, and gender 性別. 

Hong Kong in the 2020 Olympics

I think this is the official website. You can toggle between English and Chinese in the top right hand corner.

Competition Schedule 港隊比賽時間表

Hong Kong is competition / has competed in quite a few events including

  • 劍擊 Fencing
  • 游泳 Swimming
  • 賽艇  Rowing
  • 公路單車 Cycling Road
  • 羽毛球 Badminton
  • 競技體操 Artistic Gymnastics
  • 乒乓球 Table Tennis
  • 帆船 Sailing
  • 帆船 (滑浪風帆) Sailing (Windsurfing)
  • 三項鐵人 Triathlon
  • 馬術 Equestrian

Latest Results 港隊最新情況

Medallists 獎牌得主

張家朗 – 金牌- 劍擊 – 男子個人花劍 CHEUNG Ka Long – Gold – Fencing – Men’s Foil Individual

何詩蓓 - 游泳 – 銀牌 - 女子100米自由泳 HAUGHEY Siobhan Bernadette- Silver – Swimming – Women’s 100m Freestyle

何詩蓓 -游泳 – 銀牌 -女子200米自由泳 HAUGHEY Siobhan Bernadette- Silver – Swimming – Women’s 200m Freestyle


Wikipedia (Hong Kong) – 2020年夏季奧林匹克運動會

Lots of links within the page, if you want to read up more. Remember to select 香港繁體.  Mine seems to default to 台灣正體 every time I click on a link. The phrasing is a bit different, even though both are in Traditional Chinese. E.g. Table tennis is  乒乓球 in Hong Kong Chinese, and 桌球 in Taiwan Chinese.



RTHK Olympics Special

This has news, videos etc. To be honesty, I have been watching the actual Olympics, and not videos about it, so let me know any feedback on these


3. More Olympics Cantonese Resources

Tokyo Olympics 2020 – Names of Sports in Cantonese ♡ 東京奧運項目 ♡

「奧運會的由來」廣東話神話故事 The Origins of Olympics

點解奧運五環有五種顏色?- What do the Olympic Rings mean?

廣東話故事: 動物奧運會 – Animals Olympic story with sound effect

Olympics Cantonese 奧運廣東話粵語 YouTube Playlist

Compilation of various videos including interviews of Hong Kong medalists.


Bilingual Olympics Uno cards

Check out these cool cards from Squeaky Dumpling! Just leave  a message on the post, and a downlink will be sent you via PM.

Olympics Bilingual Flashcards

Hong Kong Delegation


Olympics Worksheet Printable Worksheets By Michigan Cantonese Storytime

Olympics Sports Bingo By Michigan Cantonese Storytime