Earth Day Cantonese and Traditional Chinese Resources 世界地球日粵語繁體教材

Earth Day Cantonese and Traditional Chinese Resources 世界地球日粵語繁體教材

Earth Day is annually celebrated on April 22nd, with the aim of raising awareness about environmental issues and driving action for environmental protection. Started in 1970 in the U.S., it is now a global movement. It covers a broad range if topics and issues including climate changes and pollution, recycling, various environment movements and awareness programs, conserving natural resources, protecting endangered species, and moving towards a sustainable future. Earth Day is now widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, observed by more than a billion people each year.

Every earth day is marked with a specific theme each year. Here are some of the past years’ themes.

  • 2019 – “Protect Our Species” 與野共生 yu5 je5 gung6 saang1
  • 2020 – “Climate Action” 氣候行動 hei3 hau6 hang4 dung6
  • 2021 – “Restore Our Earth” 修復我們的地球 sau1 fuk6 ngo5 mun4 dik1 dei6 kau4
  • 2022 – “Invest In Our Planet” 投資我們的星球 tau4 zi1 ngo5 mun4 dik1 sing1 kau4

With all that is happening in the world, I encourage everyone to learn more about environmental issues, and remember that we can make a difference by what we do.

Here are some Cantonese and Traditional Chinese resources:

Cantonese Vocabulary

I compiled a 7 pager of Earth Day and environment related phrases in Cantonese with English translation. The free printable can be downloaded here.



Cantonese Videos

Located on this blogpost –  Earth Day Cantonese Videos 世界地球日粵語短片


Free eBooks

Picture eBooks about Sustainability

Here are three books by the Environmental Campaign Committee (Hong Kong)  available for download here :

環保童學 –環境運動委員會免費幼兒繪本

The books are in PDF format


Picture eBooks about Nature and Conservation

The Conservation Series保育系列 consists of 4 bilingual eBooks featuring “Whiskers & Friends” 《威威與好友》。 These are produced by Ocean Park, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation (OPCFHK) and Modern Education Research Society, with the aim of training the next generation of conservation advocates. The Kindergarten Educational Kit that includes teaching plans, worksheets and games.

  • Deep Sea Adventure 深海歷險記
  • Polar Sports Challenge 冰極運動會
  • Where Has the Water Gone? 消失的水源
  • Journey to the Jungle of Giants 巨人森林之旅


They have also produced an ebook as part of their 5 Senses Discovery Series 五感發現系列–  “Redd and the Nature Guardians” 《小紅熊和自然守護隊》about using your five senses and to explore the wonders of nature! This is part of an education kit  that also includes video, teaching guides and a worksheet.

五感發現系列 《小紅熊和自然守護隊》海洋公園



POWER YOU Storybooks about electricity and energy conservation

These 5 picture books, published by CLP (a power utility) are available in Chinese. Each book is 20 pages and can be downloaded as a PDF


  • Electricity And Me 電力與我: Storybook
  • The Power Journey 電力旅程 : Storybook
  • Resources Conservation 珍惜資源 : Storybook
  • Importance of Electricity 重要的電力 Storybook
  • Low-carbon Living 減碳生活 Storybook

Climate Change eBooks from Hong Kong Observatory

The Climate Has Changed, What Should We Do? English| 氣候變了怎麼辦?Chinese 


Geography E-learning Package about Climate Change (English)| 地理電子學習教材套:氣候變化 (Chinese)



Friends of the Earth

They have two publications available for free download (probably suited for older kids). Please note the date of publication, that these books are slightly dated (but still very informative).

  • 綠遊首爾 – Green travel in Seoul
  • 台灣有金執 – Learn about Taiwan’s waste sorting


There are lots more eBooks, factsheets and other publications available – please scroll down to the bottom for Useful Links.


Games, Worksheets and Craft Activities

Earth Day Bingo by Sweet Note Learning


2. Vocabulary Cards by Michigan Cantonese Storytime

3. Sorting activity by Bai Bai

Download  link is within the Facebook post. (Please note this activity is based on the Taiwanese waste sorting system).

4. CHALK Academy Earth Day Activities

Free printable download within the blogpost.


Other Useful Links:

Below are many links to lots of useful information. Given the topic, most of the links are are from government and not-for profit websites. There are lots of information, and factsheets, education resources etc.  It was fascinating to discover so much about the waste issues, conservation as well as the extensiveness of Hong Kong’s nature and diversity, as well as the wealth of resources available, especially pertaining to Hong Kong’s natural habitat and the flora and fauna.

Tip: Most resources are available in both Traditional Chinese and English. On most of these websites, you can toggle netween Traditional Chinese ( 繁 / 中) and English (英). Sometoimes to download an English resources, you need to be on the English page version, and to download the Chinese resources, you need to be on the Chinese page version.

Waste Reduction Website :

Environment Bureau

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation (OPCFHK) Teaching Resources

CLP Power 中華電力 – Education and development including

LS-energy HK 能源通識站Liberal Studies ‘Energy Technology & Environment Portal’  is Hong Kong’s first and most comprehensive Liberal Studies e-learning platform for the “Energy Technology and the Environment” module in the senior secondary Liberal Studies programme. This free platform is a tool to facilitate both teachers and students on their teaching and learning process.

Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) 機電工程署Public Education

Towngas – info on climate change, green living, Low Carbon Cooking

WWF-Hong Kong 世界自然基金會香港分會

Hong Kong Observatory Educational Resources – educational videos

Country Parks:

Hong Kong Wetland Park 

Hong Kong Biodiversity Information Hub (HKBIH) 香港生物多樣性資訊站 – one-stop shop for information on biodiversity of Hong Kong. Lots of information about habitats, different species etc. Of note are the following

Hong Kong Geopark

Hong Kong Herbarium 香港植物標本室

 Hong Kong Fish Net 香港漁網 shows  local capture fisheries and the rich fisheries resources in Hong Kong waters. includes Hong Kong Marine Fauna Database

The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society – resources include how to begin birding, list of Hong Kong birds, and Bird Reports

綠色力量Green Power  – Doctor Nature Animation



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