The Ultimate List of Cantonese Children’s Books (constantly updated)

Having written so many different blogposts about the different Cantonese children’s books, I thought it would make sense to consolidate them all on one page, for ease of reference, and I would continue to update the page. It helps to see entire series of books, or to choose what we might like. The list is of course not exhaustive, much as I try to make it so. If you know of any other books, or have a book you would like to include, leave me a comment.


1 Board Books

2 Colloquial Cantonese Books

  • Picture Books
  • Chapter books/ Novels for older kids
  • Visual Dictionaries (with Jyutping)
  • Visual Dictionaries with other Romanisation
  • Visual Dictionaries with no Romanisation

3. Chinese Books with Jyutping

4 Graded Readers

5 Chinese Writing Workbooks and Activity Books


1 Board Books

Serena Y Li | Duck Duck Books (Review)

  • I Am Me!: 我就係我自己! 978-1-7372039-7-1
  • All Puppies Are Good Puppies: 所有嘅狗仔都係乖狗仔 978-1-7372039-9-5
  • I Love You More: 我最愛嘅人就係你 979-8-9855552-2-6

Lacey Benard & Lulu Cheng | Bitty Bao Books (Review)

  • Everyday Heroes – Board Book 生活中的英雄,
  • Counting With Dim Sum 跟著點心數數
  • The Colors of Snow Ice 彩色雪花冰

Nessie Sharpe |Coprosma Books (Review)

  • Hurrah for Yum Cha! 978-0-473-52325-1
  • Bang Bang Noodles 978-0-473-53656-5

Poly Polly: Customized multilingual children’s books (Review)


2 Colloquial Cantonese Books

Visual Dictionaries (with Jyutping)

Little Canto Learning – My First Words in Chinese: Cantonese with Jyutping 979-8596950205 (Review)

– Learning Conversational Cantonese for Kids (Review)

  • Animals in Cantonese-English book 979-8649958752
  • Daily Vocabulary in Cantonese-English book 979-8673881378
  • Food & drink in Cantonese-English book 979-8654148407
  • My House in Cantonese-English book 979-8693627154

Cue Immersion Cantonese – English Audiobooks 廣東話英語音響圖書 (Review)

  • 溫溫暖暖過冬天 Dressing Warm for Winter
  • 多變的天氣 The Everchanging Weather
  • 我的心情 The Way I Feel
  • 餐具 Eating Utensils
  • 誰在森林裡? Who’s in the Forest?
  • 我的日常生活 My Daily Routine​
  • 齊齊食點心  Let’s Have Dim Sum
  • 新年快樂! Happy Chinese New Year!​
  • 中式餅店  Chinese Bakery
  • 陪我環遊世界 Travel the World with Me​

Karen Yee| Cantonese for Kids – My First Series by  (Review)

  • My First Everyday Words 978-0999273036
  • My First Animals 978-0999273005
  • My First Colors 978-0999273050
  • My First Book of Things that Go 978-0999273074

Dawn Kwok and David Walters – My First Cantonese Words   978-1700654298 (Review)

Oasis Chinese books – My First Bilingual Cantonese – English books by  (Review)

  • My First Bilingual Cantonese – English Animals: Cantonese for kids 978-1794667815
  • My First Bilingual Cantonese – English Emotions: Cantonese for kids 979-8603735979
  • My First Bilingual Cantonese – English Fruit & Vegetables: Cantonese for kids 978-1726446785

Sibey Nostalgic – My first book of Cantonese words by  (Review)

Innovative Languages – Kids vs Cantonese iBook: Talking World eBook by  (Review)

Visual Dictionaries with other Romanisation

Susana Ng – Interesting Cantonese for Kids 9789888207954 (Review)

Sow Publishing (Review)

Visual Dictionaries with no Romanisation

Yellow Bus Publishing – McDull’s Cantonese vs Mandarin/ Chinese series 麥兜「廣州話對普通話」系列 黃巴士 (Review)

Richard Carlson – English-Chinese Traditional Cantonese Bilingual Children’s Picture Dictionary Book Series (Review)

Hui Ying Yin (Review)

  • My First 100 Basic Cantonese English Words for Kids 979-8487016980
  • My First House Picture Dictionary : Cantonese – English 979-8496814102

Picture Books

Deborah Lau | Catlike Studio – Cantonese/English bilingual rhyming story book

  • Today is my Birthday! 今日係我生日啊! 978-0-6451498-2-1/ 978-0645149807 (Review)
  • Cycling in Spring 春天踩單車/ 978-0645149869/ 978-0645149852 (Review)

Farina Leong | Little Canto Learning

  • My Troublesome Little Sister 我的麻煩妹妹 979-8767812493 (Review)
  • My Po Po 我的婆婆 979-8442461046 / 978-1739759612 (Review)
  • My Grandma 我的嫲嫲 979-8817870091 (Review)

Katrina Liu | Mina Learns Chinese (Cantonese editions)

Ann Hamilton/ Mooli Print  – Bilingual Cantonese Fairy Tales (Review)

  • The Three Little Pigs 三隻小豬 979-8512558515 / 978-1838209582
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears 高蒂樂絲與三隻小熊 978-1838209520 / 978-1838209537

Karen Yee – Goh Goh and Dai Dai’s Big Day with Elephant  978-0999273067/ 978-1955188067 (Review)

Lin and Edward Choi – Dim Sum, Please!: A Bilingual English & Cantonese Children’s Book 979-8667652083 (Review)

Richard Carlson’s Children’s Picture Books (Review)

  • I Found It : Children’s Picture Book English-Chinese Traditional Cantonese (Bilingual Edition)
  • L’ho trovato” : Libro illustrato per bambini Italiano-Cantonese Tradizionale Cinese (Edizione bilingue)
  • English-Chinese Traditional Cantonese My Feelings Are Hurt/我的情感受到了傷害 Children’s Bilingual Picture Book
  • English-Chinese Traditional Cantonese The Story of the Diary of Anne Frank/安妮日記的故事 Children’s Bilingual Picture Book


Storybooks for older kids

The Little Prince 小王子

  • The Little Prince Cantonese edition (小王子廣東話版) 9789887732556 (Review)
  • The Little Prince Jyutping edition 小王子(香港粵拼版)9789887553434

Animal Farm 動物農莊香港粵文版

3 Chinese books with Jyutping

M Kan and H Wang | Superspeak Juniors (Review)

  • My First Cantonese Words 978-1-9196388-3-6
  • My First Cantonese Rhyming Book – Traditional Chinese with Cantonese Jyutping 978-1-8381799-9-1/978-1-9196388-1-2
  •  Chinese Legends – Chinese Zodiac, Mid-Autumn Festival & Dragon Boat Festival 978-1-8381799-3-9

Samantha Chan | Jok Sing Jai  (Review)

  • Lucky Red Mittens 幸運紅手套 979-8592482168
  • What Fruit Am I? 我是什麼水果? 979-8714260186
  • Who’s Not Sharing? 誰不是在分享? 979-8565941111
  • Because My Mommy Loves Me 因為我的媽媽愛我 979-8741191569
  • I Love My Daddy 我愛爸爸 979-8513162131
  • Chinese New Year Greetings For Jok Sings (Review

Frita Von Fable – 小廚師與菠蘿包 – Cooking Baby Makes Pineapple Buns 979-8510794335 (Review)


4 Graded Readers

冚唪唥粵文讀本 Hambaanglaang Cantonese Graded Readers (Read about them in this dedicated post).

Storybooks Canada: Free 40 Leveled Readers in Colloquial Cantonese (eBooks)  (review)


5 Chinese Writing Workbooks and Activity Books

M Kan and H Wang | Superspeak Juniors

  •  Chinese Writing Workbook: First 100 Words 978-1-8381799-0-8
  • Chinese Writing Workbook 2 978-1-8381799-4-6
  • Chinese Writing Workbook 3 978-1-8381799-6-0
  • Bilingual Colouring Book in  Traditional Chinese with Jyutping 978-1-8381799-8-4


This list will be regularly updated. If you know of any good books that I have missed, please let me know!


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