The Ultimate Guide to Cantonese Nursery Rhymes 粵語兒歌 on YouTube

粵語兒歌 YouTube

Music is one of the best ways to engage children and encourage language development in a fun way. If you are looking for Children’s Nursery Rhymes in Cantonese, there are plenty to be found on YouTube and cater to various needs – cute animations, no animations, actual kids, original compositions, remix, classics etc . Check out these channels to find the nursery rhymes that will appeal to you.

YouTube Channels and playlists – Original Compilations and Re-edits

嘉芙姐姐兒歌系列 (Ka Foo Music Land) 

These songs are all original compositions by Katherine Kwok, who composes local original children’s songs to help children’s physical and mental development via music activities. Lyrics are often included in the description. There are more details about Ka Foo Music Land on her website.



Lots of cute beautiful videos with original lyrics, and lovely illustrations and animations by musician and artist Veronica C. Some incorporate a story into the song, or give popular  Cantonese nursery rhymes a modern twist.


天晴童謠 Sunshine Nursery Rhyme

There is a mixture of new songs and re-edits of classic songs, with beautiful illustrations in the videos.


Twinklebots Nursery Rhymes

This Cantonese mama has produced tons of videos to teach Cantonese, and amongst them is this playlist of Nursery Rhymes with original illustrations.



Locy Lee Leaning

Locy Lee composes fun, interactive Cantonese children songs. Her songs are a huge hit with young children.


Music Therapy In Class Hong Kong _CNCMS樂在課中

The music in this channel is have simple and repetitive lyrics that makes it easy to pick up Cantonese. Lots of themes related to daily life rituals as well as Hong Kong culture.


輕輕鬆鬆廣東話 Hing Hing Sone Sone Cantonese

This Rhymes (童謠) playlist is part of the channel produced by a not-for-profit Cantonese school in New Zealand and consists of a number of rhymes and songs. For the songs, the lyrics are read out slowly in the beginning of the videos, before the song is sung. The notations, lyrics and worksheets are available on their website. We also did a review of their free program.



This channels features original and upbeat songs by Sister May of Jolly Land (May姐姐開心島). The songs integrate happiness psychology with the aim of helping children grow healthy and happy, learning the skill of being happy and resilient in the face of future challenges. The YouTube videos are over a decade old, and I find the ones on the website to be of better quality. The songs have lovely messages and children will enjoy the actions that follows. Some songs are a mix of English and Cantonese. She also has a few songs, videos, coloring sheets, and wall paper for free download on her  Jollyland website.


Man Seng 開心學廣東話 Songs & Rhymes

Update: These are no longer available on YouTube, but I have read in forums that some people have found them on other channels when they did a google search for 開心學廣東話.


HealingVoices hk

This playlists features songs with easy to understand lyrics in Colloquial Cantonese, easy for young children or beginner learners of Cantonese


Vienna Hacademy

This playlists features a few songs with very simple lyrics, suitable for young children and beginner learners.


廣東話兒歌@小可能音樂 Little Possie

This playlists features more than 10 songs with soothing melody and simple lyrics.



The channel features 5 audio videos with a medley of simple songs.


Brenda’s Music for Kids (Cantonese)


Learning through music

These channels provide real life examples of how music can be used to teach children.

Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme – Chinese Songs for Children Sing with Me!

Very fun music videos by Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme  Musical Adventure, where music is used as an instrument of teaching new vocabulary. If you ever wondered how you can use music to enhance your children’s learning, these videos are a must watch!


LPC (Little Panda Cantonese) Sing & Learn Cantonese Club

This playlists has videos recorded during playgroup class sessions. You will see kids and musically trained teachers interacting, actions of songs being performed and how the playgroup is run. Especially suitable for those who prefer to have videos of actual people rather than animation.


YouTube Channels and Playlists – Classic Nursery Rhymes


This playlist features many popular Cantonese Nursery Rhymes with the the same two lovable animated characters.




A compilation of 135 videos of classic nursery rhymes, many without pictures or just a static picture, hence good for those who are screen light/ screen free. A great source to find nursery rhymes that you might have grown up with.


家傳戶曉兒歌 101

Features 100+ songs classic nursery rhymes. Lots of great songs. I even found 朋友!


Additional Playlists

Here are additional playlists, some of which are private compilations

Of course, there are many more Cantonese nursery rhymes all over YouTube. Some search terms you can use are Cantonese Nursery Rhymes,Cantonese Children’s Songs,廣東話兒歌 ,粵語兒歌,廣東話兒童歌曲 and 廣東話童謠.

 As you can see, there are hundreds and thousands of videos to choose from. You might want to start your own playlist to organise your favorite nursery rhymes. There are also other songs for older children such as Disney Cantonese Songs (Playlist), which I hope to feature in a future post.


Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Free printables of some Cantonese Nursery Rhyme lyrics with and without Jyutping can be found in this section. If you are after a certain song that we have not yet featured, please leave a comment, and I will try to get to it. Another great source of Chinese lyrics is Mojim. (Chinese website)


This post is part of the Cantonese Kids Resources on YouTube series

Anything I Missed?

There are tons of Cantonese Nursery Rhyme Videos on Youtube, and impossible to feature all (though I tried my best). But if you have any good channels and playlists that you are raving about, please feel free to drop a comment on this post. I will continue to update this post with more resources.


Other Free Online Cantonese Resources for Kids:



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