Cantonese Stories 粵語兒童故事 on YouTube


Another tool for increasing exposure to Cantonese is Cantonese Stories. There are many to be found on YouTube, and is often a good compromise for those who have a limited screentime policy. Some come with animation (though less than cartoons) and some are almost entirely audio, and can be enjoyed with the visual.

Stories with animation

香港教育大學「看動畫.學歷史」History through Animation


自在神童 The SuperKids

成語動畫廊 (Idioms Stories)

成語故事 (Idioms Stories)

成語動物園 (Idioms Stories)

兒童故事(Children Stories)

伊索寓言 (Aseop Fables)

故事屋Story House (Idioms, Legends, Fables)




Stories with Static Images or Minimal Animation

These stories also work as audio stories if you choose not to show the videos.

嘉芙姐姐童話故事系列 (Sister Ka Foo Stories)


采姐姐的故事王國 Lillian’s Story Kingdom

Has a variety of stories ranging from classic fairy tales to to children’s stories to biographies of famous people.


Aesop’s Fables in Cantonese

林博士講故事:孩子的夢系列 My Dream Series

糖果城堡 Castle Candy Series by Name Story

我的勇氣之旅(廣東話故事) My Brave Journey Series

深心媽媽講故事 Sharing of Love series



小小紅蘋果砵砵車錄音故事(有聲書)系列第2輯 and 小小紅蘋果砵砵車錄音故事(有聲書)系列第3輯


Audio Stories




聽故事 講故事 VOL.1-3 

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Anything Else I should Include?

If you have any other good channels and playlists for Cantonese stories that you would like to recommend, please feel free to leave comment below. I will continue to update this post with more resources.


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