123 Number Song Cantonese Nursery Rhyme Lyrics 數字歌粵語兒歌歌詞

123 Number Song Cantonese Nursery Rhyme Lyrics 數字歌粵語兒歌歌詞

Do your kids know your numbers from one to ten in Cantonese? Either way, this is a perfect song to either teach numbers or to reinforce the knowledge.

This short and sweet song is sung to the tune of “This Old Man” just like the Brushing Teeth Song.


sou3 zi6 go1

一二三   三二一
jat1 ji6 saam1  saam1 ji6 jat1

一二三   四五六七
jat1 ji6 saam1  sei3 ng5 luk6 cat1

二三四   四三二
ji6 saam1 sei3  sei3 saam1 ji6

sei3 ng5 luk6 cat1 baat3 gau2 sap6

or in Arabic numerals: 123 321 1234567 234 432 456789 10


數字人生 A Life of Numbers

數字人生 A Life of Numbers is a well-known Cantonese Pop song by George Lam using a lot of numbers in its lyrics, to the melody of  Bach’s Minuet in G major. The song talks about  how much of numbers are in our lives. The song lyrics are translated and explained in this blog (external link).

Lyrics Printable

The printer friendly version of lyrics of 123 Number Song Cantonese Lyrics 數字歌粵語兒歌歌詞 is available for download. First page includes Jyutping, second page without.

You might also enjoy our other nursery rhyme and song lyrics. Each come with a free lyrics printable. We will be slowly adding to the collection. Is there any particular song you would like to see? Please let us know in the comments.

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