Brushing Teeth Song Cantonese Nursery Rhyme 刷牙歌粵語兒歌

Brushing Teeth Song Cantonese Nursery Rhyme 刷牙歌粵語兒歌歌詞

Kids in Hong Kong are taught this 刷牙歌 Brushing Teeth Song together very early on, making teeth brushing a fun activity

The song stresses the importance of brushing teeth (to keep them clean and healthy), how to brush (up and down) , frequency (day and night).

This song is also sung to the tune of This Old Man, just like 123 Number Song 數字歌.


caat3 ngaa4 go1

向上刷 向下刷
hoeng3 soeng5 caat3 hoeng3 haa6 caat3

bat1 ho2 fong3 jam6 wu4 lyun6 caat3

jing3 fong4 ngaa4 fung4 cong4 laap6 taap3

zou2 san4 lam4 fan3 jing3 goi1 caat3

你又刷 我又刷
nei5 jau6 caat3 ngo5 jau6 caat3

tin1 tin1 gei3 zyu6 m4 laap6 taap3

bou2 ci4 paai4 ngaa4 soeng4 gin6 hong1

zou2 san4 lam4 fan3 dou1 jing3 caat3


Lyrics Printable

The printer friendly version of lyrics of Brushing Teeth Song Cantonese Nursery Rhyme 刷牙歌粵語兒歌   is available for download. First page includes Jyutping, second page without.

You might also enjoy our other nursery rhyme and song lyrics. Each come with a free lyrics printable. We will be slowly adding to the collection. Is there any particular song you would like to see? Please let us know in the comments.

One thought on “Brushing Teeth Song Cantonese Nursery Rhyme 刷牙歌粵語兒歌

  1. T says:

    Hi (again),

    Slight correction for the lyrics. The Youtube song linked here sings:

    “起床” hei2 cong4 instead of “早晨” zou2 san4

    Thanks again, really appreciating these printouts.

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