Mid Autumn Festival – Cantonese Teaching Activities 中秋節教材

中秋節快樂 教材. Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival – a time for family gatherings,mooncakes, full moon, lanterns, fire dragon dance and more!

Here are some Cantonese teaching activities related to Mid-Autumn Festival, so that you can seize the opportunity to introduce your child to more Cantonese language and culture.

Mid Autumn Festival Song 八月十五是中秋

Watch the video and download our free printable of the  lyrics of Mid-Autumn Festival Song 八月十五是中秋.

Books About Mid Autumn

I actually only have one book about Mid-Autumn in Chinese. And I was really pleased to find a Youtube video of it being read!


To learn more about Mid-Autumn Festival,  please check out this YouTube Playlist by the Michigan Cantonese Storytime and watch more videos of Mid-Autumn Songs, stories, and TVB clips and more. Lots of interesting information about mooncakes, Fire Dragon Dance, other customs, DIY crafts. All videos are in Cantonese and/or English.

Vocabulary List

Here’s 2 pager Printable of Mid-Autumn Festival Vocabulary in Cantonese. How many do you know? 中秋節, 賞月, 卡通人物燈籠, 食月餅 are just a few.


Learn the stroke order of the characters 中秋節, and practice writing them with these Mid Autumn Festival worksheets. Or make little signs for decorations.  Available for free download.




Also, Michigan Cantonese Storytime has generously shared some Mid-Autumn Festival worksheets that you can download form their Facebook page. It comes with Jyutping and cute graphics.



Make a lantern with the templates form Hing Hing Sone Sone Cantonese Learning. 

Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong

Read more about the three main ways to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong (external link):

  1. Eating Mooncakes 食月餅
  2. (Tai Hang) Fire Dragon Dance (大坑)舞火龍
  3. Lantern Displays & Carnivals 花燈會

Free Printables:

Once again, here are our free printables for download:

You might also enjoy reading:

Wishing you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!祝你中秋節快樂!

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