10 things to Say Instead of Stop Crying (Cantonese version)

I came across the Cantonese translation for “10 things to say instead of Stop Crying” and just had to share this, together with the Cantonese Romanisation.

Cantonese Translation

English Cantonese translation JyutPing
10 Things to Say Instead of “Stop Crying’ 代替「你咪再喊/唔開心啦」的10句話 doi6 tai3 「 nei5 mi1 zoi3 haam3 /m4 hoi1 sam1 laa1 」 dik1 10 geoi3 waa6 :
1 ·It’s OK if you’re sad. 唔開心係正常㗎。 m4 hoi1 sam1 hai6 zing3 soeng4 gaa2 。
2 ·This is really hard for you. 你一定係覺得好困難。 nei5 jat1 ding6 hai6 gok3 dak1 hou2 kwan3 naan4 。
3 ·I am here with you. 我陪住你。 ngo5 pui4 zyu6 nei5 。
4 ·Tell me about it. 你放心講俾我知。 nei5 fong3 sam1 gong2 bei2 ngo5 zi1 。
5 I hear you. 我明你嘅意思。 ngo5 ming4 nei5 ge3 ji3 si1 。
6 That was really scary, sad, etc 咁實在真係好難過。 gam3 sat6 zoi6 zan1 hai6 hou2 naan4 gwo3 。
7 I will help you work it out 我地一齊諗辦法。 ngo5 dei6 jat1 cai4 lam2 baan6 faat3 。
8 I’m listening 我聆聽緊你。 ngo5 ling4 ting3 gan2 nei5 。
9 I hear that you need space, I want to be here for you. I’ll stay close so you can find me when you’re ready. 我知道你需要空間,我會係你附近,你覺得想要我嘅時候可以即刻搵我。 ngo5 zi1 dou6 nei5 seoi1 jiu3 hung1 gaan1 ,ngo5 wui2 hai6 nei5 fu6 gan6 ,nei5 gok3 dak1 soeng2 jiu3 ngo5 ge3 si4 hau6 ho2 ji5 zik1 hak1 wan2 ngo5 。
10 It doesn’t feel fair. 聽落真係感覺好難受。 ting3 lok6 zan1 hai6 gam2 gok3 hou2 naan4 sau6 。


Why We Shouldn’t Say ‘Stop Crying’

When a child is upset and crying, they need empathy. Sometimes when they hear “Stop Crying”, no matter how well-intentioned, it makes them feel dismissed. It is important to help them learn that it is OK to cry and to connect and deal with their emotions, rather than dismiss them. You can read more details in the original blog post.



You can download the 10 things to say instead of stop crying in Cantonese 代替「你咪再喊/唔開心啦」的10句話  as a printable. Options with and without Jyuping.

Credit for Cantonese translation : 心理學 ‧ 家 Psychology x Family. Credit to for graphics and English text:  happinessishereblog.com and The Gottman Institute

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