Cantonese Online Dictionaries

Learning Cantonese today is much easier than in the past with so many online dictionaries and online tools Here I list a few Cantonese dictionaries, because I recommend checking multiple sources to confirm the accuracy of each translation since most of these dictionaries are crowdsourced. Also, there are limitations to each dictionary, and often may Read More

Review: Learn Cantonese. Sheik!

Learn Cantonese! Sheik aims to help you speak, read and write Hong Kong Chinese.   It is a treasure trove containing thousands of printer-friendly Chinese reference sheets which are meant to fit into an A4. tests revision aids including online quizzes, Chinese cross word puzzles, word search tips for learning Cantonese flashcards book reviews Discussion forums Read More

Themed Colloquial Cantonese Phrase Lists

Sometimes it’s tricky to know if a vocabulary list is in Colloquial Cantonese or Standard Chinese. These lists are specifically in Colloquial Cantonese, so you can use the phrases in speech. Read More

Review: FSI Cantonese Course

If you are a complete beginner, focusing on speaking and listening to Cantonese, FSI offers an entire systematic course for free, hosted on the Live Lingua site (which proudly proclaims 4 Cantonese courses, 33 ebooks and 161 audios.) Do note these are rather dated (over 40 years old), but a useful resource if you are Read More