Review: Learn Cantonese. Sheik!

Learn Cantonese! Sheik Cantonese

Learn Cantonese! Sheik aims to help you speak, read and write Hong Kong Chinese.


Cantonese sheik

It is a treasure trove containing

  • thousands of printer-friendly Chinese reference sheets which are meant to fit into an A4.
  • tests
  • revision aids including online quizzes, Chinese cross word puzzles, word search
  • tips for learning Cantonese
  • flashcards
  • book reviews
  • Discussion forums
  • useful links to other resources
  • Lots of essays too to help you understand the nature of Cantonese including a very helpful article “Difficulties for western students
  • interviews with some people who have met with success in learning Cantonese.

Sheik Cantonese

The most popular resource would be the unique Cantonese dictionary CantoDict. a collaborative project with volunteers around the word adding and editing entries.

This website is a labour of love, created by Adam Sheik in 2003 when he first typed out and published his Cantonese class notes. The site has a very quaint design, probably not deviating much from when it was first created over 15 years ago. But it does provide a good resources, especially the CantoDict. which may account for most of the 8000+ visitors a day.

I found the Cantonese dictionary CantoDict most useful, and some of the essays informative about learning about Cantonese.

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