Christmas Countdown Calendar Printable 聖誕節倒數日曆


With Christmas around the corner, here’s a simple and easy Christmas activity you can do to incorporate some Cantonese/ Chinese in this festive season.

The Christmas Countdown!

聖 誕 節 倒 數 日 曆

sing3 daan3 zit3 dou2 sou3 jat6 lik6


Counting Up or Down?

You can actually count-up or count down. If you have very young kids, it might be easier to start from 1. For older kids, I would start from 25, so that they can see how many days there are left to Christmas.

Marking the Days

Here are some ideas:

  • Stickers
  • Colour In
  • Circle around

Making Your Own

Michigan Cantonese Storytime has shared a beautiful hand drawn Countdown Calendar. If you feel up to it, I would encourage you to draw your own!


Free Printable

Download the free Christmas Tree Countdown Calendar printable!  I have included a version with numerals, in case that is your preference.


How are you counting down to Christmas?

Please share with us!


Please check out our other Christmas activities.

(More to come)

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