Christmas: Faith-Based Advent Calendars and Jesse Trees

Christian Chinese Advent Calendar

Advent is a season that many Christians observe in the lead up to Christmas, the birth of Jesus. This is a time for us to reflect and remember the true meaning of Christmas, and remember the most precious gift of all – Jesus.

We usually do Advent in English, but have now incorporated Chinese into our observation. Here’s some ideas how to include Cantonese or Chinese:

The Jesus Storybook Bible Advent

Jesus Storybook Bible Advent Calendar devotion

The Jesus Storybook Bible has a companion advent guide available for free download. There is a beautifully illustrated card for each day. Each references the corresponding Scriptures and the story in The Jesus Storybook Bible. Although the Advent guide is in English, you can use the Chinese bible and the Chinese version of The Jesus Storybook Bible (故事聖經) as an accompaniment.



A-Bible-Verse-A-Day Advent in Chinese

If you have a ready made Advent calendar with little pockets, or drawers, you can put in a bible verse or Christmas activity suggestion a day. There are many online in English, if you do a search.

If you are doing bible verses in Chinese, Chalk Academy has a free printable bible verses based on the Preschool Devotion Book on their website.

(She has two DIY versions for an Advent calendar: Rainbow envelopes and Minimalist Drawers. They both link to the same verse printables in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English)



Jesse Tree Advent

This year we wanted to do a Jesse Tree Advent. A Jesse Tree Advent tells the story of God’s plan for salvation,  with illustrated ornaments that represent the people, prophesies, and events leading up to the birth of Jesus. The ornaments of the Jesse tree tell the story of God, starting with creation and continuing to the birth of Jesus. Throughout it all, it retells the story of the faithfulness of God across thousand of years of history and God’s grace and mercy.

We have decided on these Jesse Tree ornaments which can be downloaded for free from their website. You can choose between 3 inch ornaments or 5 inch ornaments, coloured or outline versions. There are also accompanying devotions for families or for adults for free download. (There are many other versions online too).

To include Chinese into these ornaments, I picked a Bible verse for each day’s devotion in English and Chinese. (NIV and CNV Bible). You can download the printables in Chinese to accompany this Jesse Tree devotion:

Jesse Tree Bible Verse Traditional Chinese Cantonese with Jyutping


The Chinese versions can also be used by Mandarin speakers, as they are in Standard Chinese. (*If there is sufficient demand, I will create a pinyin version too. )

You can stick them onto the back of the corresponding ornaments, or you can use them separately and draw a picture on the back of the ornament.


Spot of Sunshine’s Chinese Advent Calendar Scripture Cards/聖誕降臨經文卡

This is the first Chinese advent calendar that I have found last year.  We have used this and we love it. It is a reading plan with a Chinese character and the related scripture it represents (in both English and Chinese), taking you through the life of Christ. There is a Traditional Chinese version (without Jyutping). The link above will bring you to her website and instructions on how you can purchase this from her Etsy store.


How are you observing Advent this Christmas Season?

Are you having an Advent calendar this year? Please share what you are doing this Advent!

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