Thanksgiving Cantonese Resources 感恩節粵語教材

Thanksgiving is an important festival in North America, and many countries. Even though is not celebrated in my part of the world, seeing that many Cantonese families celebrating it, and lots of materials being produced (especially this year), At this very last minute, I decided to do a Cantonese Thanksgiving roundup post. For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, this is for you. And if you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, it is still important to cultivate an attitude of gratitude in your children.


Cantonese Thanksgiving Story 感恩節的故事

Song about Being Thankful

For more Cantonese videos on Thanksgiving check out this  Thanksgiving playlist. Included are stories about thanksgiving and about being thankful in general.


Thanksgiving Cantonese Vocabulary

Video by Hey Mommio

Flashcards by Little Canto Learning

Cute flashcards in Colloquial Cantonese

Inforgraphic by Vivid Chinese 



Scroll to bottom of page for traditional Chinese. Comes with Mandarin pinyin, but not Cantonese romanisation. Two different infographics in Traditional Chinese.




Thanksgiving – stories and passages

Meizhou Chinese Resources- Stories with Cantonese audio

Of the many Meizhou stories, I found one story and one text about Thanksgiving (with audio recordings):

These stories are from Level 4 of Meizhou textbooks. Please note the PDFs are in black and white, the PowerPoint files are in colour. (The PowerPoint files are very big, so consider that when downloading. )



Huayu World

If you have an advanced reader, you can also check out this passage in PDF  by Huayu World from Taiwan. The passage is in Traditional Chinese. you can also read it/ watch it om screen (It uses flash animation as is from an older publication, and the audio is Mandarin, as it is from Taiwan)






Colloquial Cantonese passage from Wikipedia

For those of you studying Colloquial Cantonese, here’s a short passage from Cantonese Wikipedia (Yes! There is a wikipedia in Colloquial Cantonese!) . It is very short, but hopefully the terminology can help you to explain Thanksgiving better if you need help. If you need audio, you can copy the text into Bing translator listen to the passage read out in cantonese (in a robotic voice).



Activities for Children


Thanksgiving Cantonese practice writing sheets by MCS

Thanksgiving worksheet by MCS


Thanksgiving and Turkey Activities by Chalk Academy

Printables are in Traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese (not Cantonese specific), and include:

  • Thanksgiving gratitude banners
  • paper pumpkins with gratitude phrases
  • Gratitude leaves for Thankful tree
  • Turkey coloring pages


Fun Thanksgiving Activities by Spot of Sunshine


感恩南瓜 Gratitude Pumpkin by Joy Chinese School

In traditional Chinese, not Cantonese specific. Google drive download link in Facebook post.


Colouring sheet by Joy Chinese School

In traditional Chinese, not Cantonese specific. Google drive download link in Facebook post.

Grateful Turkey Craft


Colouring sheets by Lin Laoshi

Basic Coloring Sheet (2 pages –  Harvest & Little Turkey) is available for free download, and the Premium Set (9 pages) is available for free till 27 Nov 2020 . You will need a Teachers Pay Teachers Account to download them. In traditional Chinese, not Cantonese specific.

Limited time download of Thanksgiving resources (Traditional Chinese with pinyin)


Thanksgiving in Hong Kong

If you google ‘Thanksgiving Hong Kong’, you will arrive at lots of websites regarding the best restaurants to have a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal in Hong Kong. Thanksgivings mainly celebrated by American expats and those with American heritage living Hong Kong.

Cantonese-style Turkey for Thanksgiving

Just yesterday, I read this article “Sticky rice stuffing speaks to family’s Chinese roots on Thanksgiving” (external link), and it sparked my interest in Thanks

This is what sparked my interest in Thanksgiving, when I read this article “Sticky rice stuffing speaks to family’s Chinese roots on Thanksgiving” (external link). More researched revealed than many families have been infusing the Cantonese style of cooking into Western traditions, embracing their dual cultures . It  is not uncommon to have turkey with some modifications to the traditional fare e.g. turkey roasted a la “Cantonese Duck”, Sticky rice stuffing, or honey glazed are among some of the options.

Here are a few recipes that I have found that will allow you to put your own cultural twist on this traditional celebration. Some are Cantonese recipes, and some are Chinese recipes.

(Disclaimer: I have not tried any of these recipes),

There is another option – you can also order a roast turkey or even a roast duck from your traditional BBQ meat Chinese eateries, and support them during this time when they are struggling.


Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩節快樂!


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