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Cantopop songs are quintessentially Hong Kong, and a Hong Kong Christmas would not be complete without Cantopop Christmas songs. However, they do differ from the classic Christmas songs which are filled with joy and wonder. While some Cantopop Christmas songs are lively and catchy, others can be sad. A recurrent theme among many Christmas songs are heartbreak, being left on the shelf, loneliness, doomed romances.

Merry Christmas I Love You – Jacky Cheung 张学友

Lonely Christmas by 陳奕迅  Eason Chan

Santa Claus by古巨基

夜還未深 by 鄭伊健 Ekin Cheng

又到聖誕 by 吳浩康 Deep Ng

戰場上的快樂聖誕 by 郭富城 Aaron Kwok

今年沒聖誕 There’s No Christmas This Year by Andy Hui 許志安


曲奇聖誕歌 by Cookies

平安夜 by 麥浚龍

十二月之吻 (December Kiss) by Alex To 杜德偉

零度聖誕 (Zero Degree Christmas) by RubberBand

又到聖誕 by I Love You Boyz

今天應該很高興 (Today should be a happy day) by 達明一派 (Tat Ming Pair)

(聖誕)有人 by Juno Mak 麥浚龍

請代寄聖誕老人 by Wallis Cho 曹震豪

Last Christmas by ToNick

This Christmas by ToNick

聖誕路人 by Cilla Kung 樂瞳

Single Bell by Louis Cheung 張繼聰

麥兜-噢 .聖誕樹 McDull – Oh Christmas tree

Cantojar has the lyrics with Jyutping and translation and some study guide notes in this blogpost.

English Cantopop songs

These are English Christmas songs with a Hong Kong flavour.

My Private Christmas Song by 陳奕迅

Last Christmas by Alex To


White Christmas by 側田Justin


YouTube Playlist

I created a Cantopop Christmas Songs Playlist on YouTube for you to enjoy! I will be adding whatever Christmas songs I can find, so they might be in random order.


Which is your Favorite Song?

Which is your favourite Christmas Cantopop song? These songs are all new to me, I came across them while researching on Cantonese and Christmas, and I’m so glad that I did. If you know of other songs that should be added, let me know.


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