Christmas Ornament Printable with Cantonese and Chinese vocabulary

I created a few printables of Christmas ornaments with various Cantonese and Chinese vocabulary. This is an easy, low-prep activity while introducing more Chinese and Cantonese into the home this holiday season.

Christmas Ornaments with Christmas vocabulary in Cantonese and Chinese

There are two versions available – one with Jyutping and the other without.

Each file has 6 pages of ornaments:

  • Pages 1-4 are in Christmas vocabulary in Standard Chinese and are suitable for Cantonese, Mandarin and other Chinese languages e.g. 聖誕節,禮物, 雪人, 聖誕老人
  • Pages 5-6 are Christmas vocabulary in Colloquial Cantonese e.g. 士的糖, 花圈, 聖誕咭



Download the free printables here:


Christmas Ornaments with Christian Vocabulary in Chinese

I have developed two of these: Names of Jesus in Chinese (5 pages) and Nativity vocabulary in Chinese (1 page). These are in Standard Chinese and are suitable for Cantonese, Mandarin and other Chinese languages.


Download the free printables here:


Note: Cantonese/ Chinese Christmas ornaments idea are inspired by various English versions I saw on pinterest years ago.  Here is one of therm –  English ornaments with Names of Jesus, my favourite. I also love Spot of Sunshine’s Chinese Christmas Vocab Ornaments/聖誕單字吊飾, which allows space for drawing.


Ways to use these printables:

  • Print them on coloured stock paper, cut and hang them up
  • Print them on white paper, cut them, and then colour and/or decorate. don’t forget to use the back – decorate, stick stickers, draw something.

What crafty things are you doing this Christmas? I would love to hear about it!


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More to come this festive season – please check back frequently. If there is anything in particular you hope to see, please also leave a comment below. Thanks!


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