Christmas – Cantonese Teaching Activities & Resources 粵語聖誕教材

Christmas – a time for celebration and festivity, joy and hope peace and goodwill – some say it is the most wonderful time of the year.

I’ve gathered various Christmas themed Cantonese teaching activities and other resources, some from around the web, and some specially developed, for your family to enjoy this festive season.

Christmas Stories

Christmas Story Reading Playlist in Cantonese by Cantonese Mommy

Cantonese Christmas Cartoons & Stories Playlist

  • Including Peppa Pig, Hello Kitty, 櫻桃小丸子. 

Cantonese Christmas Cartoons Playlist – Christian

  • Nativity stories in Cantonese


Christmas Music

Cantonese Christmas Songs 粵語聖誕歌

  • Includes a few playlists found on YouTube

Cantonese Christmas Songs 粵語聖誕歌

  • Lyrics of more than 10 popular Christmas Carols in Cantonese including free printables with Jyutping

Cantopop Christmas Songs on YouTube

  • Lots of popular Hong Kong songs by various artiste including Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan, McDull…….


Christmas Vocabulary

Christmas Vocabulary compilation

Christmas Vocabulary on YouTube Playlist 

Poster of Colloquial Cantonese Christmas Vocabulary by Cantonsponge



This pretty poster was created by CantonSponge, one of my favourite blogs for teaching Cantonese. She has lots of other teaching resources that she generously shares.




Cantonese Practice Writing Sheets

  • These worksheets are being released one a day, and can be downloaded form the Michigan Facebook page. It comes with Jyutping and cute graphics. You can also crop them to make flashcards

Christmas Craft and Activities

Christmas Activities and Colouring

  • Here’s some that I developed for my kid including a nativity colouring scene, Christmas ornaments with vocabulary, Jesse calendar, and Christmas countdown.

Crafts by Hing Hing Sone Sone

  • Includes video instructions (in Cantonese), and templates to make Christmas ornaments, cards, mini Christmas trees and Christmas wreathes.

Crafts by Chalk Academy

  • These are crafts that help boost exposure to Chinese (not Cantonese specific) with many free printables available in standard Chinese.


Christmas in Hong Kong

Every country celebrates Christmas differently, and Hong Kong is no exception. Here are some articles about Christmas in Hong Kong (external links):


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 祝大家聖誕快樂, 新年快樂!



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