Updated: COVID-19 Resources for Children in Chinese and Cantonese


Update: I have included many more resources that are popping up, and more resources in English and other languages, as COVID-19 (previously known as novel Coronavirus 2019 ) is affecting more people in many countries. 

COVID -19 Resources in Many Languages

If you are looking for English and other languages (not Chinese), I have extracted out the various resources and listed them in a separate blog post, so that they are easier to find. 

Please stay safe


The Novel Coronavirus 2019 (2019 n-CoV) 新型冠狀病毒 is making headlines everywhere in the world. I have rounded up some resources that you can use to talk to your children about this virus. These are generously shared by many kindhearted and talented people. Thank you for developing these resources that many of us can use to talk to our children during this difficult time.

I am sure many are being developed, and I will continually add on to the list, so please check back regularly. If you are looking for resources on hand hygiene, healthy habits and other safety precautions, please see this blogpost.



Fighting the illness together 齊抗病毒,你我做到 (Cantonese)


Stories about the Novel Coronavirus

1. 抗疫小夥伴 Dr Dumo et al bilingual Story by Dr Lucci Lugee Liyeung

In this bilingual story/ infographics from Hong Kong, Dumo, an adorable cartoon cheetah, shares about the novel coronovirus and the precautions to take. Dumo is the creation of Dr Lucci Lugee Liyeung, an orthopedic surgeon and illustrator who wants to increase health awareness in children through her art. Her Facebook post includes a link to download the PDF for free. Do have a look at the other beautiful illustrations on the Facebook page. Update: Please check that you have version 2.

PDF download: Traditional Chinese- English | Vietnamese-English | Indonesian-EnglishKorean-English | Japanese-English

And if you prefer a colouring book version, the PDF link to download is within the Facebook post.

2. Why Can’t I Go Out 為什麼我不可以出去 Children’s Bilingual Story

20-page story explaining about the novel coronavirus, how it spreads, why a child might be kept at home, and other hygiene measures. I love the whimsical drawings and the ink friendly book that can also double up as a colouring book should you choose to print it. PDF download links: Traditional Chinese/ English |  Simplified Chinese/ English.

Story credits: 微信公眾號A卡蘇(id:akashare)發布的中英雙語繪本《為什麼不能出門? 》

Video of book reading in Cantonese


3. A Picture Book About Coronavirus Prevention 給孩子的防疫繪本

Picture book with beautiful illustrations by Karen Aruba, a Hong Kong Illustrator. Available as a PDF in English and Traditional Chinese here. 


4. 寫給孩子們的“冠狀病毒”繪本 A novel Coronavirus kids’ book

This is a story about “What happened this Chinese New Year”. It ends of on a positive note about how we will win the fight against the virus. PDF download links: Traditional Chinese. Link to Simplified Chinese

Found a video of Taiwanese mum 早媽早妹不專業親子共讀 reading it on YouTube in Mandarin. Hope there will be Cantonese soon!


5. A Different 2020: Smile Under the Mask 不一樣的2020 : 口罩下的微笑

A delightful book to reassure kids who might be fearful during this time. To remind them of hope and love and to smile under the mask. The PDF (Traditional Chinese) can be downloaded here.


6. The Terrifying Wuhan Virus 可怕的武漢肺炎

Artist Lokki Lau of Draw a Dream, made this book to explain to her children (2 year old and 10 year old) in age-appropriate language they cannot go outdoors or to the park, but must stay at home. This book reflects the atmosphere and the situation that is currently in Hong Kong now, and you can see pix of a Hong Kong bus stop and a park.

Version 1: For a 2year old:The Terrifying Wuhan Virus, for my 2yo 給2歲愛囡的繪本-可怕的武漢肺炎

Available in Traditional Chinese as pictures of a Facebook post. Update: New versions available: EnglishVideo of reading in Cantonese (YouTube)

Version 2:  For a 10 year old:The Terrifying Wuhan Virus, 給10歲愛子的繪本 – 可怕的武漢肺炎

Available in Traditional Chinese as pictures of a Facebook post.

7. Masked Hero DIY Picture Book 口罩小衛兵自己做繪本

A cute story by Taiwanese Illustrator MIIA*Mia about the importance of wearing masks. Downloadable (Traditional Chinese) PDF link in her post with instructions on how to print and put together the book.
Update: New language versions available: English | Japanese
Update: Mama Baby Mandarin has translated her book into  Simplified Chinese, pinyin,  Traditional Chinese and zhuyin and the PDFs are available on the blog.

Cantonese and sign language storytelling of  Masked Hero 口罩小衛兵


8. 防疫衛教小繪本- 小白兔和關關的衛教小繪本


A picture book by Taiwanese illustrator Gwenyth Chen, suitable for young kids. Two editions avaialble in Traditional Chinese – with and without zhuyin. To download the PDFs, please visit this blog – Select 防疫繪本 for non-zhuyin edition and 防疫繪本(注音版本)  for zhuyin edition.


9. 冠狀病毒防疫繪本

Another comic illustration from Taiwan, this has zhuyin for those of you who are also learning Mandarin and zhuyin.


10. 武漢肺炎/ 冠狀病毒入侵人體漫畫指南

Cute comic style.

11. How a Coronavirus Spreads 

Info comic on how a Coronavirus spreads, and the precautions you can take.

Translations (via semi open-source) into many languages can be found on this page

The languages include:

  • Asian languages: Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian, Arabic, Tagalog, Urdu, Burmese, Hindi, Bahasa Malaysian, Thai, Farsi and more
  • European languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Russian, Romanian, Italian, German, Swedish and more

12. Prevention of novel Coronavirus Children’s Picture Book 《防控新型冠狀病毒兒童繪本》



A Picture Book by the Beijing Institute of Fashion Design, and has been translated into many languages including Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Korean and more. You can download the files (for free) if you use WeChat to scan the QR code in this article.



13. I’m not Afraid! 我不害怕!Christian Picture E-Book

PDF links for download in the Facebook post below. Versions include Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, French, German and Spanish. For more Christian resources on COVID-19, please visit Covid-19 : Chinese-English Christian Resources for Families

14. 什么是新型冠状病毒肺炎: 专为儿童打造的漫画 Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus

This is the first one I have come across that is written outside of Asia, and is useful because it is more relevant to those living outside of Asia and addresses specific issues in US (that might also be applicable to those living in other countries e.g. what does it mean if someone is wearing a mask? (It does not mean they are sick), and that the virus affects everyone (hopefully this will help to educate people and curb racism).

Other language versions include Spanish, Lithunian, Russian and can be found here.

Update: Chalk Academy has developed printables of the Coronavirus info for kids in Simplified Chinese (pinyin version pending)  and Traditional Chinese (with and without Zhuyin).


15. 停課的日子就像駕駛N42A

An inclusive story about how an autistic boy deals with school closures. Video of book being read in Cantonese below. Ebook can be downloaded here.


16. 病毒來了,我該怎麼辦?──新冠病毒防疫繪本

《病毒來了,我該怎麼辦?──新冠病毒防疫 繪本


Coronavirus A book for children – Traditional Chinese version available for free download here, There are also activity sheets that you can download for your kid. This  is illustrated by  Axel Sheffer of Gruffalo fame.  The original is in English and more details can be found here.









17. Other books and stories

More and more stories are being developed. Here are more I found in recent days:


Parental Resources

Guides for Psychological Support for children during epidemic (Chinese only)

Centre for Child and Family Science has developed these two PDF books to help parents and teachers in Hong Kong support their children in coping with the stress caused by the epidemic and school closure. In Traditional Chinese only. 

PDFs for download : Manual for parents and teachers 《疫境童行:兒童及青少年應對病毒心理支援手冊》| Storybook for kids 《抗疫同行》故事書

Reading of the story 抗疫同行故事書 in Cantonese

Additional video of 3 minute relaxation exercise (in Cantonese) 


Department of Health Guides (Chinese only)

身心抗疫 – 家長篇

The Department of Health has published two booklets to support parents in Hong Kong during this time – Includes psychology and scientific empirical advice, parent-child activities at home such as exercises, word games and more. In Traditional Chinese only. 

PDFs can be downloaded here : Parent Guide | Family Guide 

Health Education Information Booklets

1. Novel Coronavirus Information Booklet 《新型冠狀病毒感染肺炎防護讀本》

新型冠狀病毒感染肺炎防護讀本》 Novel Coronavirus Information Booklet
This is a 66 page info booklet written by Centers for Disease Control And Prevention of Guangdong Province 廣東省疾病預防控制中心 to raise awareness of the disease, and is freely distributed in Hong Kong. There is a link to download book in PDF format within this blogpost. Both the book and the article is in Traditional Chinese (no English) .






2. The National Self-Help Anti-Epidemic Manual 《全民自救抗疫手冊》

The National Self-Help Anti-Epidemic Manual 《全民自救抗疫手冊》


An information booklet by The Apple Daily, this has information on preventive measures, personal and home hygiene tips, correct use of masks and disinfection supplies, recipes for nutritious soups and Chinese herbal drinks and more to keep you in good health. This is available only in Traditional Chinese (no English). You can read the book online for free here.

Chinese Vocabulary related to Novel Coronavirus

Taiwanese mum and teacher Ms Lin has developed a vocabulary sheet of Chinese vocabulary related to novel coronavirus with English translation. The list has traditional Chinese, simplified, zhuyin and pinyin (no Jyutping) . She has made it available for free on Teachers Pay Teachers. (You need an account to download).


Chinese blogger shares 14 Top Terms about the virus. Flashcards and video in Traditional Chinese, simplified, zhuyin and pinyin (no Jyutping). You can also download it from his Facebook post.


Other Resources:

Information on novel coronavirus and safety precautions ( Includes posters, pamphlets, factsheets, videos ) in Traditional Chinese and English. Look under Health Education Materials/健康教育資源 at the bottom of the page. To toggle between traditional Chinese and English, click on 繁/English button at the top right hand corner.

  • Information posters regarding the coronavirus


More Resources

An increasing number of resources are being developed and shared by many generous and creative people. Depending on where you are living, and the risk of the virus, some of these resources may or may not be relevant to you, and may be best of you go through each item before sharing with your kids.

If you know of any other resources on the novel Coronavirus in Chinese, Cantonese or English, please let me know, and I’ll add it to the list.

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Wishing you all good health in the Year of the Rat. 恭喜發財.祝您身體健康,出入平安.

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