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For many families, especially those in countries affected by the Covid-19, it can be a trying time. For us Christians, how should we respond? I collated a few Chinese and English articles and resources that help to guide us.


Resources for Children

1. I’m not Afraid! 我不害怕!Picture E-Book

I’m in love with this book by Hong Kong illustrator Tinyan. In this time of fear and uncertainty, the uplifting message of the story reminds us to trust in God, and to care for our fellow man. Even for non-Christians, you can take away the message to remain positive.

PDF links for download in the Facebook post below. Available languages:  Chinese-English ,  Japanese-English, German-English, Spanish-Chinese.

Cantonese and sign-language video


2. Gift of Peace Family Devotional (KIDS and Teens)

The Covid-19 outbreak is spreading, with many aspects of life affected in small and large ways. This devotional guide is meant to help families talk, pray and act in response to the current COVID-19 situation.

PDF Devotional (English) for free download: Kids version | Teens version

PDF Gift of Peace Thank you Message Template for free download: Thank you card



How Christians in Wuhan and other affected areas are responding

There has been so much attention in the media about the situation in China and the rest of the world, mostly focusing on the numbers of those affected, and the death rates. This can create an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. Yes, in teh midst of all these, we witness so many stories of faith. Here are some links to articles and posts to how Christians in the epicentre of Wuhan and other affected areas are responding, reminding us to keep our eyes on God and care for our fellow man.


1. A Door Opened in Wuhan, China

“In response, our brothers and sisters preach the gospel and give out tracts and free masks. They are sharing the word of hope and comfort from God. They have become more and more favored in the city, even in the authorities’ eyes.

These churches in Wuhan keep themselves away from all the rumors and political issues, they just do what a true Christian should do in this situation: preaching the gospel and being witness of true peace and true hope that come from Jesus Christ in front of the non-believers who are in panic and hopelessness.”


2. “Angels in yellow”: Christians in Wuhan take to the streets to boldly spread love, share Christ

“Christ is being made known in China. Against the risk of persecution and infection, Christians are tirelessly working to make the gospel shine in the most hopeless of situations.”


3. Wuhan Pastor Asks Christians Worldwide to Join Him in Prayer Amid Coronavirus Crisis

“The letter speaks of the church’s opportunity to be a light in the dark, as they face a health crisis that has brought the city of 11 million people almost to a standstill.

More than just a physical upheaval, the crisis is a “spiritual struggle”, too, and a test of faith, the pastor writes. He remind his brothers and sisters in faith that as Christians, they aren’t exempt from times of struggle and sickness – but that they are ‘more than conquerors’ in Christ, reminding them to “turn their eyes upon Jesus”.


4. Seeking Peace in Sickness

More testimonies about how with coronavirus spreading, Chinese churches are trying to help their neighbors, and spread the message of God’s love.


5. Online Sunday Worship Services

Although many are confined to their homes, the word of God continues to go forward via online platforms in China .”


6. Wuhan and Psalm 31

Beautiful drawing by an English teacher living in China, inspired by Psalm 31.

Blessed be the LORD, for he has wondrously shown his steadfast love to me when I was in a besieged city. I had said in my alarm, “I am cut off from your sight.” But you heard the voice of my pleas for mercy when I cried to you for help.” – Psalm 31: 21-22″

6. Hong Kong: 十機構發起個人聯署呼籲 五項行動關心鄰舍同心抗疫

Ten Christian Orgnisations join together to invite believers from all over Hong Kong  to make a 5- action pledge to care for neighbours in need around the epidemic. Article in Chinese.


7. Hong Kong 聖公會「心意行動」收集防疫用品 呼籲大眾到聖公會各堂會捐贈

Christian organisation collecting donations masks and other materials to be distributed to vulnerable families. Article in Chinese.


8. Singapore: “No battle is too hard for our Lord”: Bishop Rennis Ponniah on impact of COVID-19 on the Singapore Church

by Geraldine Tan // February 18, 2020, 11:38 pm

Churches in Singapore have been identified as the largest clusters of confirmed cases of Covid -19 in Singapore. Bishop Rennis uses Psalm 24 to help believers get a grasp of what is happening in Singapore.



Prayers for China

Please pray for China and Wuhan. If you need prayer points, here are some articles that can help


1. An Urgent Appeal to Chinese Christians for Fasting and Prayer

A group of pastors in Wuhan issued an appeal for Chinese Christians to fast and pray for the coronavirus epidemic.

English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese | Mandarin video


2. Five Prayer Requests from Behind the Coronavirus Curtain

A Senior pastor in Shanghai shares ways we can pray for China during this time


3. Wuhan Church: “Take Care of Yourself, Your Family, and Neighbors with Christ’s Love”

A church in Wuhan’s call for prayer.


4. How can we pray for Wuhan? Prayer Points

Here are 33 prayer points compiled by Christians in China: Simplified Chinese (Original) | English 


Resources for Those Affected by Coronavirus Restrictions

Article on 28 Feb 2020 by China Source offering 2 resources: Online Professional Counseling by the Asia Christian Counseling Association (ACCA) and a four-page PDF with tips on how to cope with extended isolation (English and Simplified Chinese).


I hope these resources can help you during these times.


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