Valentine’s Day Themed Activities for kids (Cantonese)


Here are some simple activities to help your child learn Valentine’s Day related vocabulary in Cantonese.

Give someone a Valentine in Cantonese

With less than a week to Valentine’s Day, here are some cute and easy Valentines for your child to give to families and friends. Or you can even use them as flashcards, to teach your kids heartfelt phrases in Cantonese and Chinese.

情人節卡片中文粵語 valentine's day card Cantonese chinese

Download the free printable  here – Valentine’s Day Card in Cantonese and Chinese.


Learn Some Cantonese Vocabulary

Cantonese English Translation JyutPing
祝你 Wishing you zuk1 nei5
情人節快樂 Happy Valentine’s Day cing4 jan4 zit3 faai3 lok6
我愛你 I Love you ngo5 ngoi3 nei5
你最勁 You are awesome  (Colloquial) nei5 zeoi3 ging6
你最棒! You are awesome  (Standard Chinese) nei5 zeoi3 paang5 !
我鍾意你 I like you  (Colloquial) ngo5 zung1 ji3 nei5
我喜歡你 I like you  (Standard Chinese) ngo5 hei2 fun1 nei5
你係我嘅好朋友 You are my good friend   (Colloquial) nei5 hai6 ngo5 ge3 hou2 pang4 jau5
你是我的好朋友 You are my good friend   (Standard Chinese) nei5 si6 ngo5 dik1 hou2 pang4 jau5
好珍惜我哋之間嘅友情 I treasure our friendship (Colloquial) hou2 zan1 sik1 ngo5 dei2 zi1 gaan1 ge3 jau5 cing4
非常珍惜我們之間的友誼 I treasure our friendship (Standard Chinese) fei1 soeng4 zan1 sik1 ngo5 mun4 zi1 gaan1 dik1 jau5 ji4
親愛的 Dear (used in letters and cards) can1 ngoi3 dik1


I Love you 我愛你 Chinese Character Tracing

Teach your kid to write the words 我愛你 (ngo5 ngoi3 nei5)  and the phrase repeatedly to you.

我愛你中文字 I Love You Chinese Cantonese characters

Download the free printable  – I Love you 我愛你 Chinese Character Tracing.


Fun fact: White Day 白色情人節

Have you heard of White Day on March 14?  The Chinese term for White Day translates to White Valentine’s Day.  Watch this 我們這一家 episode to learn more.


For more info on White Day, check out


Christian Valentines in Chinese

Free printables can be found in this blogpost  – Valentine’s Day : Chinese Scripture cards – Verses about Love.


Other Valentine’s Day craft and activities to explore (external links):

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For adults, I found the following if you are looking to improve your vocabulary:


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