Colours in Cantonese 顏色(粵語): Vocabulary lists and worksheets

Colours in Cantonese: Vocabulary and worksheets

Last week, while reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to my little niece, and going through the various colours of the animals, I remembered some worksheets on colours that I had created a while back:

Cantonese is a colourful language (pun intended) and even has onomatopoeic expressions for some colours e.g 黃黚黚 (wong4 gam4 gam4 ), 紅卜卜 (hung4 bok1 bok1 ). Watch this video to learn more.

The seven colours of the rainbow are not a direct translation from English either. Take a look at the more popular way of talking about about rainbow colours – 紅橙黃綠青藍紫 (hung4 caang2 wong4 luk6 cing1 laam4 zi2) , and you will notice there is no indigo! Here’s a song to help you learn about the rainbow colours.

Here’s a printable of Colours in Cantonese Vocabulary List for you to download! Including not just the basic colours, but also the onomatopoeic expressions of colours in Colloquial Cantonese.

If you are looking for basic Cantonese vocabulary lists, check out these websites that I like to refer to as Online Phrase Books where they often list vocabulary by categories, saving you the effort of looking up each phrase or word.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It was meant to be a short post on colours, and with Cantonese being such a colourful language (pun intended), there was so more to talk about than I realised!


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