Guess Whose Roosters Are Those Cantonese Nursery Rhyme 何家公雞何家猜粵語兒歌


A cute, catchy, nonsensical nursery rhyme by Wei Ran, featuring roosters, chickens and other animals. Check it out in this beautifully illustrated video that shows all verses. (Some videos only show the shortened version of one stanza).

何家公雞 Game

There is actually a game that goes with the song, though it is not as well-known today. I’ve found two home-made videos of kids playing the game. It is a variation Rock–paper–scissors包剪槌. From what I can gather, this is how the game is played –  two players face each other saying 何家公雞何家猜. And then at the word 猜, they simultaneously form the shape of rock, paper or scissors with an outstretched hand. The winner will make the actions of a rooster (palms on head) , the loser a chick (both hands on one hip), and in case of a draw, both will make the actions of a hen (both hands on hips). The players have to be careful to get the actions right each time.

Printable from Sweet Note Learning explaining this game – look for the file “Games to Play in Cantonese (W Yale)”



Lyrics Printable

The printer friendly version of lyrics of Guess Whose Roosters Are Those Cantonese Nursery Rhyme Lyrics 何家公雞何家猜粵語兒歌歌詞 is available for download. First page includes Jyutping, second page without.

You might also enjoy our other nursery rhyme and song lyrics. Each come with a free lyrics printable. We will be slowly adding to the collection. Is there any particular song you would like to see? Please let us know in the comments.


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