Ching Ming Poem 清明 by 杜枚

There is a famous classical Chinese poem by by 杜枚, a leading Chinese poet of the late Tang dynasty


Cantonese Recital of the Poem

cing1 ming4

cing1 ming4 si4 zit3 jyu5 fan1 fan1 ,

lou6 soeng5 hang4 jan4 juk6 tyun5 wan4 。

ze3 man6 zau2 gaa1 ho4 cyu3 jau5 ,

muk6 tung4 jiu4 zi2 hang6 faa1 cyun1 。



During Ching Ming, it is raining continuously.
Travelers on the road are weary
Asking, where can one locate a tavern
A cowherd points to a distant village far yonder


The Poem in Music

I just discovered this famous Poem has been set to song, music by Wei Ran 韋 然.

Credit: 清明 曲 : 韋 然 詞 : 杜枚 韋然補作 唱 : 黃耀光 周慧敏


Free Printable

Download the free printable Ching Ming 清明 Poem. With and without Jyutping.


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