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Some parents prefer screentime that has less animation, and more of real people. This is true especially for those that are Montessori aligned. Whether you are thus inclined or not, it is certainly helpful to see real people especially children speak Cantonese, as it nornalises it. If you are looking for fun and educational Cantonese programs on YouTube, check out these programs:


1. Harry哥哥好鄰居 (We Are Good Neighbours)

Brother Harry, a popular and children show in Hong Kong by RTHK. 15 minute videos including singing, magic, storytelling. There are 350 videos in this playlist.


2. Harry哥哥尋找快樂之旅 2019

A new spinoff, Brother Harry Travel Adventures. 45 fun videos



Hong Kong Educational Television (ETV) are TV programmes that are aligned with the school curriculum, and covers kindergarten to senior secondary levels. Their youtube channel has playlists by school levels.

If you are in Hong Kong, you can view more videos on the official website, but streaming is blocked in other countries due to copyright issues.


4. ThinkBig天地 Programs

A children’s program broadcast almost daily in Hong Kong. The show covers a variety of disciplines, and has shows with themes of English, STEM, sports, art, etc. Visit the ThinkBig YouTube page to discover its extensive range of different videos.


5.《Think Big》Science Experiments 科學實驗課

A series of short videos by TVB, each a few minutes long.


6. 大自然大不同 (Biodiversity in Hong Kong)

A series of six episodes of documentary films from RTHK,  about the different aspects of biodiversity in Hong Kong. Learn about the various different species in Hong Kong, how they adapt, how they survive.


7. 寵物情‧人 (Pet and I)

Documentary from RTHK about pets and their owners.


8. 「自然‧玩!」系列 Redd’s Nature Play Party

Learn about the wonders of nature and different animals from 小紅熊 Redd’s Nature Play Party. Redd discoveries in Ocean Park every week, bringing fun ecological and conservation facts to viewers young and old. The most creative of the Whiskers & Friends gang, Redd will bring his exploration kit along as he and his team walk through Ocean Park visiting their animal friends and exploring the wonders of nature.

9. 「小紅熊手作坊」系列 Redd Craft series

10. 職場制勝 Winning in the workplace

Learn more about various occupations from this TVB documentary



11. Sing with Me!

Short cute videos by Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme that teaches young children songs and vocabulary in a fun way. Highly engaging.



COVID-19 Specials

With school closures across Hong Kong and many parents of the world, there have been more TV programs made, either to educate on COVID-19 or to provide educational materials to students at home.


1. 抗疫好鄰居

A series of 10 videos, Brother Harry educates about COVID-19 and staying healthy.


2. 嘉芙姐姐網上教室

KaFoo Sister has new educational videos every weekday at 10 am Hong Kong time. These are about 30 minutes and targeted at Kindergarten and pre-school children. There are for parts to the video: 1) A moral story 小故事‧大道理  2) Travel and Learn with Ka Foo Sister 嘉芙姐姐遊學團 3) Exercise and Rhythm 律動時間 4) Learn about Music 音樂豆知識 and 5) Be a little detective 齊來做個小偵探

3. General Knowledge Series《正常識》系列|生活小百科 by Sunshine Nursery Rhymes

A series of short videos imparting general knowledge to kids.


4. Locy Lee Videos 

Art and craft, singing, writing, and story videos for teaching Cantonese to the young little ones/toddlers under 4. This are produced by Dorothy, a Music teacher specializing in early years music education. She is releasing a set of videos every week.  


5. Parents Daily 在家不停學系列



Short cute videos for younger kids


7. 東華三院 – 網上故事劇場

8. Dunn Edu梓峰教育


9. 童來崇拜

A Christian series for Kids



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Anything Else I should Include?

If you have any other good channels and playlists for Cantonese Tv programs that you would like to recommend, please feel free to leave comment below. I will continue to update this post with more resources.


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