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Ching Ming Festival 清明節, otherwise known as Tomb Sweeping Day or  Remembrance of Ancestors Day, is a festival observed by many Chinese – families visit the tombs of their ancestors in remembrance of deceased family and ancestors and cleaning the gravesites. This day usually falls early April. Please note that we do not use the word celebrate for this Festival, nor do we wish others Happy Tomb Sweeping Day 清明節快樂 .

On this day, depending on the person’s religious beliefs, some would pray to their ancestors, and make ritual offerings which include traditional food dishes, and the burning of joss sticks and joss paper. Others might abstain from some of these religious rituals, conveying their respect for their ancestors in other ways, such as tidying the tombs, presenting flowers.

Here are some videos for you and your family about Ching Ming Festival 清明節 in Hong Kong, for you to deepen your understanding of this festival.


McDull and Tomb Sweeping Day


Book Readings about Ching Ming Festival 


Ching Ming Festival 清明  Tang Dynasty Poem

Visit the blogpost to learn more about the poem, see the poem recited in Cantonese, as well as sung (music by WeiRan), and download the free printable of the poem


Ching Ming Festival Vocabulary



Activity Sheets for Kids

Sagebooks has free printables to be downloaded.

Little Chinese Learners has activity packs in Traditional Chinese for download.


About Ching Ming Festival and customs in Hong Kong

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