Happy New Year – Reflections, Goal Setting & Planning

Happy New Year! 新年快樂! Hoping the new year will bring good health, more peace and harmony and happiness to all. 祝大家健健康康平平安安. Praying this would be the year we get COVID under control.

Goodbye 2020, and welcome 2021! We did get to say this earlier than many people, with Australia being one of the first countries to usher in the new year with spectacular fireworks. It was nonetheless a very much subdued new year celebration this year for reasons that require no expounding, but we are grateful for our many blessings.


Reflecting on 2020, Planning for 2021 回顧2020, 展望2021

We’ve spent the past few days reflecting together as a family about the past year and planning for 2021 (回顧過去的一年, 展望新年) and setting new year goals 訂新年目標. We do these both on a personal level and as a family. This is a new family tradition we have started, and have found it immensely beneficial. 2020 had been a tough year, but taking the step to reflect has helped us to find the silver lining, evaluate what is truly important, reminded us to count our many blessings. We also gain clarity in determining our focus for 2021. Doing this activity as a family has also stimulated deeper conversations, and allow us to connect more. 


2020 Reflections 回顧2020

  • Things/ People we are grateful for
  • Memorable events
  • Lessons learnt/ things that we got better at / things that we tried
  • Achievements

2021 Planning 展望2021

  • Set new year goals 訂新年目標
  • Determining area of focus as a family
  • Projects, both for individual, and as a family.
  • Things to learn, to try, to get better at
  • What we are looking forward to
  • Ways we can help others
  • Words of affirmation

There are many things that can be included – I looked through various ideas online, and came up with a list that was most suitable for our family and situation. If you are looking for specific pintables or more ideas, just google “Year in Review Printables”  and “Family Goal Setting”. (These are mostly in English). Some are more detailed, and suit older kids, some are simpler, and suit younger kids. The important thing is to include the child(ren) in this activity.

As our family language is in English, we are conducting the exercise in English, and I verbally translate what I could for my kid in Cantonese. Of course improving on Cantonese made it to one of our goals.


Plan Your Best Year of Teaching Your Kids Chinese

Spot of Sunshine offers a free printable to help you reflect upon the past year and set goals for teaching your kids Chinese in the new year. (Because I am sure you have read in most multilingual blogs that you need to be deliberate about teaching your kid Chinese, and plan, plan, plan. )

Word of the Year 年度的代表字

This has been around for a while, but I only jumped on the bandwagon last year. The idea is to choose a word that represents what you want to focus on. Last year, I picked a word for myself, and the word was balance (平衡). This year we will decide on a word as a family. I will encourage you to do this as well, either individually or as a family. Just google “Personal Word of the Year” for inspiration – you will find hundreds of words to choose from. You can translate it to Chinese as well. You can use a phrase or character. e.g Patience (耐心), Growth  成長, improvement (進步), Gratitude 感恩 Forward (前進), Delight (喜悅), Love (愛), Family (家). Place this word somewhere prominent that you can be reminded of it. (You can create some fancy artwork in free apps such as Canva).


Bilingual Calendar (Free Printable)

If you are looking for monthly calendars in Chinese, I created these two versions that you can download (PDF format).

These are print-friendly and quite versatile, with a space for you to write something each day, or make a mark (e.g. tick, stamp, sticker) to track your progress. Last year, we used it to track new words learnt with Sagebooks.


How About Your New Year?

How are you planning to start this new year? Everybody does it differently, and I would be most interested to hear about yours. What goals are you setting? What would you like to achieve in Cantonese journey? Please leave a comment and let me know!


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