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There has been an increasing demand for more Cantonese material, and lots of Cantonese vocabulary videos have been since been produced. These are perfect for children to learn Cantonese vocabulary. Adults might find it useful to refresh their memory, or to brush up on their Cantonese. A range of topics are covered, from the very basic numbers to household appliances, sports, food and even the McDonald’s menu. Most of these have English translation, and some also have pronunciation guides in English, perfect for overseas Chinese and new learners.

(Hint – These videos are often slowed down for children.. If you are watching them as an adult, or even an older kid, to refresh your memory, you might want to listen/ to watch these videos on high speed. )


Colloquial Cantonese Vocabulary

1 Twinklebots Cantonese

This Cantonese mama has produced tons of videos to teach Cantonese, including nursery rhymes, and vocabulary. The Cantonese vocabulary playlist includes themes such as feelings and emotions, body parts, parts of the house, and stationery. Clear diction, and cute illustrations



2. 輕輕鬆鬆廣東話HingHingSoneSoneCantonese

These videos are produced by Hing Hing Sone Sone Cantonese, a not for profit Cantonese school. The General  playlist has general vocabulary videos such as Days of the Week and numbers. The “I Can Speak Cantonese ” playlist has basic phrases. Highly recommend their website and also their YouTube channel. Check out our review of Hing Hing Sone Sone to discover all their goodies.


3. Michigan Cantonese Storytime

Michigan Cantonese Storytime has some videos covering more intermediate vocabulary e.g. sports, Chinese New Year Food and places. Under each video is a link to the Chinese character practice writing sheet for that video. I would also recommend checking out the entire channel. It is the most comprehensive list of videos sorted out by various themes, and frequently updated.


4. Learn Cantonese in minutes by KongMarkYeah

Cute graphics, English translation, and romanisation.  And close captions in Korean (for those who understand Korean or wish to learn). My favorite part is that the video description also includes the vocab list. The graphics are really cute, and I wish they would make flashcards for download.

5. Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme – Chinese Songs for Children Sing with Me!

Very fun music videos by Rhythm ‘N’ Rhyme  Musical Adventure, where she uses music to teach vocabulary.  (Please note not all the videos do this, but every single video is a musical delight ).

6. Super.Speak.Juniors

This channel has a few playlists per topic for Cantonese vocabulary – 1 Beginners, 2 All About People, 3 Clothes and Colours, and  4 Body.


7. Learning in Cantonese & English 學習 英文 和 中文(廣東話) by Piggy Classroom 小豬課室

Bilingual Cantonese-English vocabulary videos. Videos are often taking using objects in real life, e.g. books and toys. Some more unique videos include apple oxidation experiment in Cantonese and English – I certainly learnt new vocabulary!



8. Learn Chinese/Cantonese for Kids 小朋友 學廣東話 粤語 中文 by Hey Mommio

New kid on the block, Hey Mommio, has created three cute videos. Looking forward to more!



9. Macau Dad x French Mum 澳門爸 x 法國媽

Vocab videos with a difference, where a Macanese Dad teaches his son Cantonese phrases in real life. In this playlist, look for the videos that include 法國人講廣東話 | 中法混血兒學廣東話  Chinese French mix speaks Cantonese.


10. How to say it in Cantonese? by Hong Kongese speak Cantonese

I’ve included this channel, as there are alot of vocabulary here. This channel was created for foreigners in Hong Kong. However, just take note that the pronunciation sounds a little strange, I am wondering if it might be computer generated. Also, this channel is not specifically for kids. But still a good resource for Colloquial Cantonese vocabulary., just so long as you do not rely solely on that pronunciation. I especially like the playlist How to survive in Hong Kong? – Shopping, having meal which have useful vocabulary such as Macdonald food items. Ever been stuck at McDonald’s trying to remember the Cantonese name of the various burgers? (Why were you at MacDoanld’s in Hong Kong, you ask, when there were so many better choices….. For the toy that comes with the meal of course.)


11. Baby Channel

From what I gather, these videos were produced by someone who created this for his “lovely nephew Klaus”. He also produces tons of videos to share knowledge with those who are taking the HKDSE (Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education), with topics such as Biology, Economics, Game theory and so forth.


12. Kala EE 香港兒童教學頻道 Kids learning videos

Videos by a practicing speech & language pathologist in Hong Kong. Videos are often shot at venue, e.g. the below video is at the Hong Kong science museum

13. Canto Big Circle 廣東話大圈子

Lots of vocabulary videos covering a wide range of topics. Tongue twister at the end.

Formal Cantonese vocabulary/ Learn to Read in Cantonese

1. Cantonese Flashcards by Ansami Learning

This channel has Cantonese readings of  Standard Chinese vocabulary, i.e. not Colloquial Cantonese, but formal Cantonese. This would be suitable for those who are learning to read. Some videos are bilingual Cantonese-English, and some are purely in Cantonese


2. 蛋糕姐姐 中文字卡系列

Cake time Music teaching basic word recognitions in these videos, e.g. 上下左右, 東南西北


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  1. Mandy says:

    Hi Manny! Thank you for all the great resources here. I come back to your blog from time to time to look for materials to teach my own kid. He learns a lot from YouTube videos so this page is a goldmine for me. 🙂 I was inspired and very recently launched my own YouTube channel. I create videos that teach toddlers and young children Cantonese vocabularies alongside other concepts (like numbers, shapes). Here’s the channel: I hope your readers and their little ones would find them engaging and useful. 多多指教:)

  2. Cantonese For Families says:

    Thank you Mandy for your kind words. I’m glad that it is of help! Your channel looks amazing as well. I’ll update my post soon to include it. Can’t wait to see more of your work.

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