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As Mother’s Day approaches, one song that you often hear in playing in the mall and on the radio in Hong Kong is Really Love You 《真的愛你》by Beyond. This is a song that has endured through decades, and never gets old. In fact it has been playing for over 30 years! This song was released as part of the album Beyond IV in 1989.

This is a song about mother’s love. Read the lyrics, and you can see within it the story of Wong Ka Kui 黃家駒, the lead singer, as he sings about how his mum didn’t approve of the music scene (his parents wanted him to have a stable career), but was always supportive. He sings about her selfless love and his gratitude.


The MTV of the Song


Song Lyrics with Translation


作詞:小美(梁美薇) 作曲:黃家駒
* 無法可修飾的一對手 A pair of hands that can no longer be beautified
 帶出溫暖永遠在背後 yet envelops with warmth
 縱使囉嗦始終關注 The constant nagging and care
 不懂珍惜太內疚 * So guilty that I didn’t cherish it
沉醉於音階她不讚賞 she didn’t approve of me being immersed in the music scene
母親的愛卻永未退讓 but a mother’s love never wanes
決心衝開心中掙扎  determined to over the struggles within myself
親恩終可報答 to finally repay the love and kindness
# 春風化雨暖透我的心 As the warm spring gives way to rain, your love warms my heart
 一生眷顧無言地送贈  all my life you looked after me without words
 是你多麼溫馨的目光 it is your warm gaze
 教我堅毅望著前路 that teaches me to persevere and focus on the road ahead
 叮囑我跌倒不應放棄 reminding me not to give up even when I fall
 沒法解釋怎可報盡親恩 There is no way to explain how repay (your) love
 愛意寬大是無限 love is vast and infinite
 請准我說聲真的愛你 # please let me say I love you
(重唱*) repeat *
仍記起溫馨的一對手 i recall the loving pair of hands
始終給我照顧未變樣 that always cares for me, and never changes
理想今天終於等到 finally today,  I can achieve the dream that I have been waiting for
分享光輝盼做到 that I hope I can share my glory.
(重唱#) repeat #


Free Download

You can download the free printable of the Cantonese lyrics of  Really Love you Cantonese by Beyond. Two versions within, one with Jyutping, one without


Other performances

Concert performance of the song

In Africa

In  1991, they performed the song, when they visited children in Africa. The definition of “you” being extended from mother to encompass selfless love for others.


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