Mother’s Day Cantonese Resources 母親節粵語教材

Mother's Day Cantonese Resources 母親節粵語教材

Mother’s Day is almost upon us! Here’s a compilation of various Mother’s Day themed Cantonese resources, ranging from cartoons to book readings, activities and printables to Cantopop.

1. Book Readings

媽媽系列故事(廣東話) Stories Relate to Mommy(Cantonese) Playlist by MCS

媽媽系列 Mummy Series YouTube Playlist by Cantonese Mommy


2. Mother’s Day Cartoons


3. Mother’s Day Trivia


4. Mother’s Day Songs

5. Mother’s Day Craft and Activities

Check out the craft from Hing Hing Sone Sone Cantonese school. Lots of templates and videos on their blog.

If you have older kids, you can also consider making mom a floral arrangement.


6. Mother’s Day Vocabulary

More Videos:

Here is a YouTube playlist of Mother’s Day Cantonese videos with book reading, songs, craft etc.


7. Mother’s Day Printables

Colouring worksheets from Michigan Cantonese Storytime

Practice writing sheet from Michigan Cantonese Storytime

Easy Mother’s Day Card from Chalk Academy

Mother’s Day cards and printables from Spot of Sunshine 好陽光. Email address required.

Mother’s Day booklet from Fortune Cookie Mom. There are 8 language versions available, one of which is Traditional Chinese with Jyutping. Scroll to bottom of post. Email address required.

Mother’s Day card by Centre For Child and Family Service



8. Mother’s Day wishes and things to say

我愛媽咪/媽媽ngo5 ngoi3 maa1 mi1 maa1 maa1  – I Love Mummy

媽媽/媽咪, 我愛你 maa1 maa1 / maa1 mi1 , ngo5 ngoi3 nei5  – Mummy, I love You
母親節快樂 fmou5 can1 zit3 faai3 lok6 – Happy Mother’s Day
媽媽/媽咪祝你節快樂 maa1 maa1 / maa1 mi1 zuk1 nei5 zit3 faai3 lok6 – Mummy, Wish you a Happy Father’s Day

And for the Grandmas…
我愛婆婆 ngo5 ngoi3 po4 po4 – I love (Maternal) Grandma
我愛嫲嫲 ngo5 ngoi3 maa4 maa4  – I love (Paternal) Grandma
婆婆, 我愛你 po4 po4 , ngo5 ngoi3 nei5 – (Maternal) Grandma, I love You
嫲嫲, 我愛你 maa4 maa4 , ngo5 ngoi3 nei5 – (Paternal) Grandma, I love You


9. 真的愛你  Really Love you

This is a song by  Beyond, my favorite band. It speaks about a mother’s love. This is one of my favorite songs, and I just want to take this opportunity to share it with you.


For Cantopop fans, other Hong Kong songs about mother’s love include  《世上只有》(容祖兒主唱)《念親恩》(陳百強主唱)and  《父母恩》(許冠傑主唱). 

Happy Mother’s Day! 母親節快樂!


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