Easter Cantonese Activities and Resources 復活節粵語教材


This Easter season, as you celebrate at home with close family, create fun with your kids in different ways, while helping them improve their Cantonese. Here’s a variety of videos and craft ideas, and teaching materials in Cantonese for you.

Easter-themed videos

1. Easter themed book reading series

A whole playlist of books about Easter, read in Cantonese.


2.  About Easter

【5個復活節小知識】5 things to know about Easter in Cantonese


3. Easter Cartoon


For more Easter themed Christian videos, please click here.

For the playlist for all Easter Cantonese videos for kids, please click here.



1. Colloquial Cantonese material about  Easter and Spring from Canton Sponge

These materials come with Juytping and cute graphics


2. Easter Cantonese Vocabulary Flashcard – 復活節(廣東話)


3. Learn Cantonese with Peppa: Easter Egg hunt with Peppa pig

More videos on Easter vocabulary in this YouTube Playlist.


4. Cantonese Words You’ll Need to Talk About Easter

A list of 18 Easter phrases by Cantonese 101, with pictures, English translation, Jyutping and audio.



Teaching Resources

1. Easter Writing Sheets and Worksheets


2. Fortune Cookie Mom Spring Pack

Fortune Cookie Mom has lots of wonderful resources for her subscribers including a Spring Theme Pack and Guess How Much I Love You Printables, perfectly aligned with the Easter Packs.  You will need to sign up to download this. There are lots of other goodies.

3. Easter Activity Pack from Little Chinese Learners

  • filled with Easter-themed craft, coloring, writing, and more


Easter Activities – Craft, Games, Cooking

1. Easter Bingo Sheets


2. Bunny Ears 兔子耳朵 (Craft for Kids 兒童手工)

For instructions and templates click here. 


3. Easter Bunny Bag 復活節白兔袋(Craft for Kids 兒童手工)


4. 如何製作復活節小手工(小雞小兔復活蛋) How to make a Easter Crafts

5. 簡單拼貼彈跳小兔 跟復活蛋小雞玩捉迷藏


6. 復活節就到啦!係屋k拎條毛巾就可以做到復活兔啦,不如一齊試下整!

Please note that you will need to click on “Watch on Facebook” to view the video

7. Cantonese Easter Drawing Tutorial by an 8 year-old


8. 復活節蛋糕 Easter Egg Cake DIY


9. 十架之旅 Easter Calendar: Journey to the Cross

Downloadable zip file includes a map, 12 sign posts, and a booklet with 12 stories leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection.


10. Easter Holy Week Activity 復活節活動


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Happy Easter!

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