Father’s Day Cantonese Resources 父親節粵語教材


The third Sunday of June is Father’s Day in many countries around the world. To celebrate, here is a roundup of Cantonese resources. Happy Father’s Day!


1. Book Reading about Father’s Day


2. Book Readings About Dads (YouTube Playlist)

Over 20 videos for you to pick from, some are heartwarming, some are very funny.

3. Learn More about the Origins of Father’s Day Videos

Did you know how Father’s Day started? Find out now.


4. Father’s Day themed cartoons

So far I could only find one that is child friendly. There was also a McDull video discussing his father which is quite humorous, but I would not recommend that episode for young kids.


5. Song for Father’s Day


6. Father’s Day Cantonese Vocabulary


7. Father’s Day Craft Videos


More Videos:

Here is a YouTube playlist of Father’s Day Cantonese videos with book reading, songs, craft etc.



8. Father’s Day Printables

An easy Father’s Day Card by Michigan Cantonese Storytime

All About Daddy/ Why I love Daddy Printable by Michigan Cantonese Storytime

All About Daddy Printable by HKFWS

More Father’s Day craft with templates, Father’s Day wishes and things to say, and printables for character worksheets in last year’s post about Celebrating Father’s Day.

Other Father’s Day Printables:
(not specifically for Cantonese, but available in Traditional Chinese)


9. BEYOND 報答一生 and other Cantopop songs about Dad

Sharing yet another a song by  Beyond, my favorite band. This time about a rebellious son who learns to appreciate his dad when he is older. Sorry that the resolution is not that clear, it was the only one I could find on YouTube. Seems 真的愛你 about Mother’s Love is a more famous song.


Other Cantopop songs that are Dad-themed include:


10. A Heartwarming Short Video – 溫馨感人微電影《連繫》(主演: 杜小喬)



Happy Father’s Day! 父親節快樂!



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