Gratitude and Thankfulness Cantonese Resources 感恩粵語教材


In today’s world, many of us are so blessed, and we have so much more than our ancestors. It is so easy for children (and adults) to take what we have for granted and feel entitled. It is important for children (and adults) to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness, and to learn to appreciate what we have. Studies have shown that  gratitude has many positive outcomes  including being happier, more content, more resilient, better relationships, more hopeful and better mental and physical help.  

The Raising Grateful Children Project at UNC Chapel Hill has revealed that gratitude as an experience four parts:

    • What we NOTICE in our lives for which we can be grateful
    • How we THINK about why we have been given those things
    • How we FEEL about the things we have been given
    • What we DO to express appreciation in turn

    I recommend reading the original article What Parents Neglect to Teach about Gratitude to learn more about cultivating gratitude in kids. I certainly learnt alot, especially that gratitude is beyond thinking about noticing our blessings and saying thank you (even though that too is very important.

    There are many ways to teach gratitude to kids:

    • Modelling Gratitude and contentment
    • Find the sliver lining in difficult times
    • Saying thank you sincerely
    • Articulate the things you are grateful for – e.g. a gratitude list, gratitude journal
    • Create a visual reminder e.g. gratitude jar, gratitude tree
    • Talking about it
    • Reading books with gratitude themes
    • Encourage helping others and giving back
    • Doing chores
    • Sometimes saying no to the kids’ requests.

    Here’s a round up activities for teaching kids Gratitude and thankfulness in Cantonese.

    (If you are looking specifically for Thanksgiving Cantonese resources, they are found here. This year, I have decided to split them into two posts, since Thanksgiving is only celebrated in certain parts of the world. There is some overlap in the posts. )


    Stories about Being Thankful

    Songs about Being Thankful

    For more Cantonese videos on Gratitude and being thankful check out this  Being Thankful YouTube playlist. Included are stories and songs about being thankful. (For Thanksgiving playlist, please click here.)

    Activities for Children

    My Thankful Book 我的感恩小書 by Fortune Cookie Mom


    Thanksgiving worksheet by MCS


    Fun Thanksgiving Activities by Spot of Sunshine


    感恩南瓜 Gratitude Pumpkin by Joy Chinese School

    In traditional Chinese, not Cantonese specific. Google drive download link in Facebook post.


    Thanksgiving and Turkey Activities by Chalk Academy

    Printables are in Traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese (not Cantonese specific), and include:

    • Thanksgiving gratitude banners
    • paper pumpkins with gratitude phrases
    • Gratitude leaves for Thankful tree
    • Turkey coloring pages



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