Chinese New Year Cantonese Vocabulary, Greetings and Banners 新年賀詞, 揮春


Here are comprehensive lists of Chinese New Year Vocabulary in Colloquial Cantonese, Chinese New Year Greetings in Cantonese and banners to print out.

1. Chinese New Year Vocabulary in Colloquial Cantonese

I have compiled a very comprehensive list of various useful vocabulary for Chinese New Year in Colloquial Cantonese, ranging from the common phrases such as 年卅晚 and 逗利是 to the things you put in a 全盒 Chinese candy box such as 糖蓮藕 candied lotus root and 瑞士糖 Sugas chewy Candy to gifts that Hong Kongers bring when visiting such as 丹麥藍罐曲奇 Danish cookies (in blue tin).
(There are more vocabulary in the free printable):

農曆新年 Lunar New Year
過年 New Year
年廿八,洗邋遢 Spring cleaning saying: on the 28th, wash away the dirt
年卅晚 Chinese New Year’s Eve
團年飯 reunion dinner
年初一 First day of the Lunar Calendar
拜年 pay visits during Chinese New Year
利是 red packet (with money)
逗利是 receive red packets
派利是 /封利是 give out / prepare and give out red packets
揮春 red banners
燒炮仗 let off firecrackers
年宵市場 Lunar New Year Fair
行花市 visit the flower market
剪頭髮 cut hair
著新衫 wear new clothes
維園 Victoria Park
柑 mandarin oranges
全盒 Chinese candy box
八甜 the eight sweets
糖 candy
瓜子 seeds
金幣著古力 chocolate gold coins
糖蓮藕 candied lotus root
糖蓮子 candied lotus seed
瑞士糖 Sugas chewy Candy
利是糖 Lucky Candy
丹麥藍罐曲奇 Danish cookies (in blue tin)
金莎著古力 Ferrero Roche



Free Printable

Please feel free to download the Printable of Chinese New Year Vocabulary in Colloquial Cantonese. It consist of 5 pages of the vocabulary and is complete with Jyutping and English translations.





For Year of the Tiger related greetings, please visit Year of the Tiger Cantonese Resources 虎年粵語教材.


Here are more Colloquial Cantonese vocabulary resources (external links): 

Chinese New Year Flashcards/Poster with Audio by Little Canto Learning

Three pages of Chinese New year flashcards (with audio).

And a poster with audio

She also has red couplet printable on her site, and a poster on the last page of the printable. You can choose between a full colour printable or a print -friendly printable. I recommend using the print friendly printable on red paper.

Canton Sponge Colloquial Cantonese Resources

Canton Sponge Chinese New Year

The following resources by Canton Sponge are complete with Traditional Chinese, Jyutping and English translations.


Chinese New year Festive Food Vocabulary

Poon Choi 盤菜 vocabulary


大家新年會做乜嘢呀? Infographic by Cantonese At Home

(Lots more infographic on their Facebook page)


2. Chinese New Year Greetings and Well Wishes in Cantonese

During Chinese new year, it is customary to greet people with auspicious wishes. These are often printed on Chinese New Year Banners too. Here are some that are more frequently used (more in the printable):

新年快樂 Happy new year
恭喜發財 Wealth and prosperity
年年有餘 Wishing you abundance every year.
萬事如意 Everything goes well
大吉大利 Lots of luck and profits
五福臨門 Five blessings come to you
心想事成 All your wishes come true
身體健康 Good health
龍馬精神 Energy of the dragon and horse
出入平安 Peace when you come and go
青春常駐 Stay young and beautiful
快高長大 Grow taller and faster
學習進步 Progress in studies
學業有成 Achievements in your studies
步步高升 Promotions at every step
生意兴隆 May your business flourish
財源廣進 Wealth flow in
招財進寶 Treasures fill the home
笑口常開 Smile often

I came across this auspicious saying being circulated on messaging apps. This uses many numbers:

一帆風順 May everything be smooth sailing
二龍騰飛 Two dragons soar (Rapid advancement)
三鼠開泰 Three rats bring bliss
四季平安 Peace for four seasons
五福臨門 Five Blessings come to you
六六大順 Double six for everything favourable
七星高照 Seven stars shine from above
八方來財 Wealth coming from eight directions
九九同心 Double nine (always) harmony
十全十美 Absolute Perfection (Perfect 10)
百事快樂 Hundred things happy
千年吉祥 Thousand years of good fortune
萬事如意 Ten thousand things according to your way

Free Printable of Chinese New Year Greetings in Cantonese

Please feel free to download the Printable of  Chinese New Year Greetings in Cantonese. This consists of 3 pages of the greetings and is complete with Jyutping and English translations.


Here are more free Greetings related resources/ printables (external sites): 

Common LNY greetings by Add Oil Cantonese

How to Deliver Your Best Wishes in Cantonese 賀年祝福語 ❤️吉利說話❤️ by Twin Voices

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Greetings by Hambaanglaang

Chinese New Year Greetings by Cantonese At Home


Chinese New Year Food- related Greetings by Michigan Cantonese Storytime

I don’t even know most of these!

Chinese New Year Greetings in Cantonese by Twinklebot


農曆新年時,點解要講新年賀詞 Why for we say Chinese New Year Greetings by 黐住這一家Sticky Love Family


Cantonese & English Read-Aloud: Chinese New Year Greetings For Jok Sings (With Jyutping Phonetics) by JokSingJai


Chinese New Year greetings in Cantonese by How to Study Cantonese (with audio guide) 

This has audio, English translations and even grammar and syntax of each saying explained.


3. Chinese New Year Banners 揮春

Many of the greetings above are often seen on Chinese New Year Banners 揮春.  I have created a few versions for you. You can use the basic version  to create banners for decoration around your home. I have also created a stroke order version and an outline versions for you to practice your calligraphy or for other craft.

Free Printables

Chinese New Year Banner Printables for free download

You can print them on A4 red paper and cut each page vertically into two.

These banners are suitable for both Mandarin and Cantonese, as they are in Standard Chinese.

I have also developed a Christian versions of Chinese New Year Banners 基督春聯. Free printables available.


Here are more free Chinese New Year banners 揮春 resources/ printables (external sites)

Lots more printables of banners available – which is expected, as banners are an integral part of Chinese New Year. You are literally spoilt for choice – with some very fancy and cute too. Just pick those that suit you, and decorate your home! As for me, I usually pick those that are print-friendly and can print on red paper, as my printer is not equipped to print intensive colour.


Banners from Little Canto Learning

These come in red or in printer friendly versions (to print on red paper). There is also a page of icons for you to use to decorate the banners too. And if you need help to pronounce them, there is audio available on the website.


Banners from Michigan Cantonese Storytime


Banners from Spot of Sunshine


Banners  揮春 from 小熊豆豆一家 Hello Beanie Bear

These red banners are from 小熊豆豆一家 Hello Beanie Bear, which is a series of kids Chinese books by a Hong Kong author. The banners feature the various characters from the book. There are three pages in all, to be printed on white paper.

Banner making activity printable from Fu-Gu-Gu Chinese Fun Club 福咕咕中文同樂會


Chinese New Year Banners by Chalk Academy

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