Repaying a lifetime 《報答一生》by Beyond – Song Lyrics

報答一生 粵語歌詞

Bringing to you another Beyond song, 《報答一生》 Repaying a lifetime,  celebrating Father’s love. 《報答一生》is the end song in the film,  《老豆唔怕多》’Daddy, Father and Papa’ which band member Paul Wong 黃貫中 acted in. This song was released as part of the album 《Control》in 1992.

The Song

The video on YouTube is a not of good resolution, but the music still sounds good. Or watch it on on the Beyond Facebook page for a better quality video. (Settings do not allow it to be embedded here).


Song Lyrics with Translation


從前善話未願接受                In the past, I was not willing to accept kind words
從來不懂關心與否               Never understood whether to care
內心總是埋怨 束縛我自由   My heart filled with complaints about  constraints to my freedom

原來路上儘是缺口            Turns out there are gaps in the road
原來不知天高地厚            Turns out I don’t know how complex (immensity of heaven and earth)
父親總是無怨 驅趕了逆流  Father has no complains, against the current trend

但願現在又可將一切懷舊   But now I wish everything could be as before
昨日愛意我已看透           I can see through the past love
然而報答永遠未夠          And I can never repay enough

為我奉獻 沒有盡頭    Endlessly devoted to me
如何艱辛不管以後       Despite how hard it is, regardless of the future
為我奉獻 沒有盡頭   Endlessly devoted to me
悠然笑說樂與悲憂      Unhurried speak of joy and sorrow
為我奉獻 沒有盡頭   Endlessly devoted to me
遙遙分開都不會漏      Separated by distance, will not miss out
為我奉獻 沒有盡頭   Endlessly devoted to me
如何報答就算一生    How to repay, even if it takes a lifetime
都不休                        I will not rest

為何叛逆未願退後   Why rebel and unwilling to retreat
為何偏激只想遠走   Why go to extremes and want to go far away
誤解總是無意          Misunderstandings tend to be unintentional
增添了悶愁              Adding to the melancholy


Free Download

You can download the free printable of the Beyond 報答一生 Cantonese lyrics 粵語歌詞. Two versions within, one with Jyutping, one without.



Watch the trailer 《老豆唔怕多》’Daddy, Father and Papa’  and see if you can spot a Beyond member.

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